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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Proud of Cindy Domenico

I am writing to compliment Boulder County Commissioner Cindy Domenico on her outstanding leadership.  A few months ago a firestorm erupted in Boulder County over the use of GMO products on Boulder County Open Space.  At one extreme there were the usual corporate agriculture hacks who love to take shots at Boulder County and on the other was the anti-agriculture crusaders who want to live naked in the forest and eat nuts.

In the middle of this storm was a handful of Boulder County farmers who are just trying to make a living. The extremists tried to turn what was essentially a landlord/tenant dispute into a nationally recognized partisan political campaign. If this situation had gotten completely out of control, it could have been devastating to agriculture and to Boulder County.

County Commissioner Cindy Domenico did her job, and she deserves credit for averting that disaster. Farmers on both sides of the GMO issue agree it was Cindy who kept the situation from getting out of hand. Cindy worked the issue, not the politics. She used good old-fashioned rural common sense to work towards a solution rather than posturing for personal political gain.  At the end of the day Cindy Domenico was the beacon of light in the storm.

Boulder County is lucky to have a public servant with this kind of dedication and leadership.  Agriculture is lucky to have someone in her position that reflects our rural values.

I am very proud to let everyone know that Cindy Domenico and her family are long-time active members of the Rocky Mountain Farmers Union and she certainly reflects our values.

Kent Peppler, President

Rocky Mountain Farmers Union

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