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Saturday, March 2, 2024

Selling a piece of the Berthoud Meteorite

The following notice was sent to people on the “meteorite-list.” It indicates new owners of the Berthoud meteorite and a desire to sell at lease a piece of it.

Hello list members,
We have recently acquired the Berthoud, Colorado eucrite. Many of you remember 
this event on October 5, 2004 when a gorgeous 960 gram single mass landed just 
96 feet away from Megan Whiteis moments after she stepped out of her house. 
Megan told me that she and her son heard a whooshing and whistling sound sort 
of like a sky rocket and she remembers seeing something black falling from the 
sky as they ducked for cover, startled by the sound and movement. She saw dirt 
fly up from the ground and a puff of dust where it landed in what is now their 
vegetable garden.  A short walk to the site produced this amazing achondrite.  
This is one of only 8 witnessed, U.S., eucrite falls; very sexy and extremely 
rare. We need to say that we don't know where this stone is going to end up. It 
may go into museum collections. This piece is from the first cut. After 
classification and thin sectioning there is only a 900 gram mass remaining.
We are offering a 1.8 gram partial slice with fusion crust on one edge for: 
If you have interest in this specimen please email us off list at:  
Thanks very much, Edwin and Patrick
Attached are a couple of links to Berthoud meteorite information.

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