July 2024


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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Shelton Announces for HD 49

James Shelton Announces
Candidacy for House District 49

BERTHOUD, COLO—Berthoud resident James Shelton announced his candidacy for Colorado House District 49 this week.

“The issues facing rural Northern Colorado are not red or blue, and they don’t affect just independents, republicans, or democrats; they impact us all,” said Shelton. “Solutions need to be brainstormed and collaborated. We need to seek out the facts, gain perspective, draft a plan and attack the issue, not the other party, or each other. Most breakthroughs will happen when we work together and the best ideas come from bipartisan groups not partisan individuals.”

Without ties to lobbyists or special interest groups, Shelton brings a fresh perspective to the political arena. Through extensive experience in strategic planning, operations, retail, marketing, sales and business intelligence, Shelton directly contributed to the creation of more than 200 jobs in Larimer County. His unwavering support of small businesses has enabled him to plan, budget, identify gaps and establish much-needed systems for growth and profitability. “Small businesses are a key economic driver in Northern Colorado. I will fight to help keep every job and help find ways to support business owners in every industry to add more jobs,” said Shelton.

Shelton pledges to work hard for all families and evaluate issues by considering the impact on the economy, jobs and his neighbors. “I value the agricultural community where my wife and I chose to raise our son. I will strive to make the best informed decisions, as I know these decisions will affect not only my family, but all families in the community,” said Shelton.

Shelton lives in Berthoud with his wife Kate and their 2-year-old son Morgan. He enjoys cycling and cooking. More information on Shelton’s campaign can be found online at: http://sheltonforcolorado.com/.

Shelton is the only announced candidate for the Democratic party and he does not anticipate any other candidate to announce for the Democratic ticket.


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