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Monday, June 24, 2024

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Shelton Announces for HD 49

James Shelton Announces Candidacy for House District 49 BERTHOUD, COLO—Berthoud resident James Shelton announced his candidacy for Colorado House District 49 this week. “The issues facing rural Northern Colorado are not red or blue, and they don’t affect just independents, republicans, or democrats; they impact us all,” said Shelton. “Solutions need to be brainstormed and collaborated. We need to seek out the facts, gain perspective, draft a plan and attack the issue, not the other ... Full Story

PrairieStar endorses Stockley for 49

PrairieStar endorses Stockley for 49

  Karen Stockley Receives Key Endorsement from New Energy Sector House District 49 Candidate, Karen Stockley, has spent months talking to voters about the importance of “working with the land.” When voters ask her what she means, she often points to Scott Sarbaugh’s PrairieStar development north of Berthoud. "As a self-sustaining solar-powered community, PrairieStar grows the local economy without draining precious resources. I'm honored that Mr. Sarbaugh and PrairieStar are now ... Full Story

House District 49 candidate Karen Stockley on NISP

House District 49 candidate Karen Stockley on NISP

Karen Stockley Candidate, House District 49 Berthoud, CO  Guest Commentary One of the biggest and most complex issues Colorado will be facing over the next 100 years is water. I’m Karen Stockley, candidate for State House District 49, responding to my opponent’s opinion piece glorifying the proposed Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP). I have studied this issue for many years, and I firmly believe the NISP project is one of the most damaging reservoirs ever proposed for Northern ... Full Story

B. J. Nikkel accepts the Republican Party’s

B. J. Nikkel accepts the Republican Party’s nomination for House District 49 Assembly

State Representative B. J. Nikkel accepted the nomination at the Republican Party’s House District 49 Assembly on Saturday, April 17, 2010. Eighty-nine delegates and eleven alternates from within House District 49 showed up in Loveland at the Pulliam Building to vote and take part in the Larimer County Republican Party’s nomination process. They unanimously supported current State Representative B. J. Nikkel as their nominee. Patrick Albright, Chairman for House District 49 said, “This is ... Full Story