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Monday, May 27, 2024

Students appreciate teachers too

May 3 to May 7 is Teacher Appreciation Week. The Thompson School District has several events that show teacher appreciation. Last week, the Thompson Education Association’s Crystal Apple Awards recognized some of the district’s outstanding teachers as nominated by their colleagues in the profession.

This week, at the Board of Education meeting, students had the opportunity to name teachers they appreciated. Students were encouraged to write about a teacher and on Wednesday evening they had the opportunity to present their teacher with a rose while their comments were read for all to hear.

Thirty-two teachers were honored by forty-two students at the presentation. Dr. Judy Skupa, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Services, who had the pleasure of reading the student comments, said that 250 nominations were received from 27 schools.

Several teachers from Berthoud schools were among those recognized.

Beth Fraley, fifth grade teacher at Berthoud Elementary received four roses. Here is what her students had to say about Ms. Fraley.

L-R, Jesa Megenhardt, Berthoud Elementary teacher Beth Fraley, Mason Jerden and Peter Kasperbauer.

Jessa Meganhardt: “With all the wonderful teachers I’ve had, my teacher Mrs. Fraley made the biggest impact on my life. I kind of liked school, but not really before I met her. She made learning and school fun and school has been fun ever since. Wow, what an impact she made on me.”

Mason Jerden: “One teacher who means a lot to me is Mrs. Fraley. First, she helped me become a better student. Next, she was just straight old kind and “awesome.” Last, she was never afraid to tell me the truth. This is my favorite teacher.”

Peter Kasperbauer: “There are many teachers that I like a lot, but there is one that stands out above all the rest, Mrs. Fraley. She has made learning very fun and interesting. When I get stuck on a problem, she gets out the blocks and makes the problem clear. These are a few of he reasons why Mrs. Fraley is my favorite teacher.”

Sayber Spence: “Mrs. Fraley is the teacher that made the biggest impact on my life. She helped me bring some joy to school. Since then, I think of her and cheer up. Mrs. Fraley has helped me in great ways. No matter how many teachers I have, I will never forget her.

Seventh grade teacher Janet Fuerniss and Tyler Besch.

Tyler Besch nominated seventh grade teacher Janet Furniss from Turner Middle School. Here is what Tyler wrote about Ms Furniss, “This teacher means a lot to me because she makes just about everything she teaches, she makes it fun, but yet we learn so much. She is always happy and it sets everyone else in a fun learning mode, and that’s why I chose her.

Jason Hooker, fifth grade teacher at Ivy Stockwell Elementary School received his accolades from Kayla Schloemer who wrote, “Mr. J is energetic, enthusiastic, concerned, caring, and dedicated to his job and his students. He has taught me to believe in myself and my abilities. I now know that I can do anything or accomplish anything I set my mind to. Mr. J is the best teacher I have ever had.”

Mr. J, Jason Hooker and Kayla Schloemer from Ivy Stockwell Elementary

When asked if she had written every thing she had to say about Mr. J, Kayla responded, “I don’t thinks so.” Hooker said he is very emotional and had a difficult time trying not to cry during the presentation.

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