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Thursday, April 18, 2024

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Preserving or dismantling Medicare

  Working as a rural family doctor the past 30 years, it is most disheartening to see someone who has worked hard all their life have a catastrophic illness which throws them into bankruptcy. We must ignore the negative TV ads and campaign rhetoric to determine which political party will preserve Medicare. The U.S. House has passed the Ryan budget, (which Romney endorsed) which will fundamentally change Medicare as we have known it since 1965. The plan replaces guaranteed defined benefits ... Full Story

Dr. Julie Anderson honored in Minnesota

Dr. Julie Anderson honored in Minnesota

  Julie Anderson, MD, FAAFP (Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians), was recently installed as President of the Minnesota Academy of Family Physicians, which represents over 3,000 Family Physicians in Minnesota. She is an Alumnus of Berthoud High School, Class of 1991, as well as the University of Colorado at Boulder, Class of 1995. She attended the University of Minnesota Medical School and also currently serves as Vice President of her clinic, St Cloud Medical Group, in ... Full Story