June 2022


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Saturday, June 25, 2022

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Thank you note from the Sabados Family

Thank you note from the Sabados Family

The Sabados Family would like to extend their most heartfelt and sincere thanks to the entire Berthoud Community. The loss of our son Alex has left us heartbroken and deeply saddened. Your spirit, your love, your kindness and outpouring of generosity shows us how much Alex meant to the many lives he touched. Because of this, we feel grateful to have such a wonderful community that has supported us through these difficult times. We will look forward to the hope and healing that the future ... Full Story

Death of Renowned Local Artist a Tragedy for the

Death of Renowned Local Artist a Tragedy for the Community

By Laurie Hindman The recent death of renowned local artist Sue Rupp was felt deeply in the Berthoud community. Rupp, who owned and operated an art and collectibles store in Berthoud for years, died on July 4 in an all-terrain vehicle accident. Both she and her boyfriend were riding down a steep incline in the mountains on the way to a campsite, when the brakes failed. Both leapt from the ATV before it hurtled off a cliff. Although both were wearing helmets, Rupp died instantly when her head ... Full Story