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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Hay bale fire at BMX track

Hay bale fire at BMX track

Berthoud fire responded to a fire at the BMX track on Tuesday afternoon. Old hay bales lined up agains the Berthoud High School fence were ablaze. Firefighters got the fire out quickly with water and foam. The bales had been laying in the same location all summer and were dry so that spontaneous combustion was probably not the cause. The fire call came in shortly after classes finished at the high school.

Big changes coming for Berthoud’s Pioneer Park

The Parks and Open Space Committee meeting last week opened with a presentation P.J. DiPentino. He introduced Alan Wasson, who will be taking over as the director for the BMX track. DiPentino came to ask the committee to recommend some level of support from the town for track maintenance. He described the benefits of the track for the town and the number of hours he spent marinating the track. After questioning by Don Zook, DiPentino and Wasson narrowed their request to short term goals of town ... Full Story