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Saturday, April 13, 2024

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Democracy, sold down the river

Democracy, sold down the river

 America the voiceless: Voters can't compete with big campaign cash American public has ‘virtually no influence’ over politics in face of wealthy interest groups, study finds   April 16, 2014 11:30PM ET by Wilson Dizard @willdizard It’s not just your imagination: The influence of money in politics has indeed drowned out the voices of American voters, a new analysis shows, with runaway corporate lobbying and a lack of campaign finance reform to blame for giving much more ... Full Story

Rick Perry, God and Me: When I Got the Call

Political satire by Katha Pollitt,  Trying to find humor in politics     Rick Perry, God and Me: When I Got the Call By Katha Pollitt God called me a couple of months ago and told me to run for president. It was late at night, and he had this weird voice. It sounded like he’d been drinking, so I hung up on him He called me back a few nights later. He explained that he’d been experimenting with a new voice—instead of deep and gravelly, nudgy and insinuating, like Jon Lovitz. ... Full Story