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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

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Dems on Colorado redistricting

Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio Responds to Colorado Supreme Court Ruling on Redistricting   Denver – Following the Denver Supreme Court’s ruling to affirm the decision by Denver District Court creating new Congressional districts, Colorado Democratic Party Chairman Rick Palacio released the following statement: “Now that the redistricting process is complete, Colorado voters can be sure that they have the ability to choose representatives who reflect the needs and ... Full Story

The Con

The Con

Dear Friends and Neighbors: Far be it from me to criticize people who want to start a new party to address concerns in our political system. As far as I am concerned, both major parties are too dependent on big money. They have both abandoned basic respect for others in their campaigning. They both have abandoned logic and reason in favor of emotional appeals. They both act as if they hate the other side. What I can’t understand is why the Tea Party should end up supporting the less ... Full Story