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Sunday, May 22, 2022

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The War that will kill the dollar

  From The Gold Report Richard Maybury: The War that Will Kill the Dollar Interview by JT Long A war-mongering U.S. government could be less than 18 months away from decimating the last 5% of value left in the dollar, says Richard Maybury, the author of the U.S. & World Early Warning Report. Until some new exchange-traded-fund-like basket of natural resources provides a store of value, this "juris naturalist" has some advice about how to protect your wealth during the coming ... Full Story

We Must Fix Economics Before We Can Fix Anything Else

We Must Fix Economics Before We Can Fix Anything Else

  The Reform of Economics is Crucial and Urgent By J. Moromisato, a Candidate for US Senator How big a monetary reserve do the Chinese need in order to take over the world financial system? Is it perhaps too late, and they are already on the move? Could the recent world embargo of rare earth minerals be their opening salvo? Denver, CO - November 1, 2010 -- The Following is the second of a two-part statement by J. Moromisato. It’s the Economics, Stupid (II) The Tea Party movement is based ... Full Story