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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Don’t drink and drive

Don’t drink and drive

Dear Berthoud I realize I am by no means a perfect person, however I try to be a good citizen in our community. There is one issue that irritates me beyond belief and that is the number of our fellow citizens who continue to choose to drink and drive in our town. Has everyone forgotten about poor Todd Peeples and the other boy who were killed in the spring of 2003? So, I have zero axe to grind with anyone here in town, but if you drink and drive ... park it ... and yes... call a cab, a friend ... Full Story

Driver safety in harsh winter conditions a topmost

Driver safety in harsh winter conditions a topmost concern

By Stephen Charles Berthoud Fire Chief Cold winter weather is upon us, and with it come a variety of health and safety hazards both indoors and out. To help ensure everyone in our community stays safe and warm this season, the firefighters and staff of the Berthoud Fire Protection District offer the following tips and suggest you post them where they can be seen by your family members and co-workers. (more…)