July 2024


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Sunday, July 14, 2024

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Larimer County Issue 1A

Larimer County Issue 1A

  Issue 1A on the ballot gets a thumbs up from me. Government was instituted to provide protection to the citizens.  The Sheriff’s Office and the County Jail deputies have been doing that quite well in recent years.  The sales tax that funds a significant portion of the jail expires very soon. That’s a problem! Without funding, the Sheriff will be forced to cut back on many of the effective programs from the jail.  I’ve seen the kind of people who are kept in the jail and I ... Full Story

Boehner and Republicans to support Gaddafi

Blomberg Boehner Says Lawmakers May Seek to Deny Funds for U.S. Operations in Libya By Margaret Talev and James Rowley House Speaker John Boehner said President Barack Obama’s explanation of why he can continue the U.S. mission in Libya without lawmakers’ approval “doesn’t pass a straight-face test” and that lawmakers will consider options to constrain the president, including withholding funds. Read More

Legal Notice, NFRMPO-Availability of FTA Funding

Notice of FTA funding availability for FY 2010 The purpose of this notice is to announce the availability of financial assistance for Federal Fiscal Year 2010 for Federal Transit Administration (FTA) grant funds administered by the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization (NFRMPO).  This grant cycle offers one new funding opportunity for those interested in receiving FTA funding assistance  - Section 5316/Job Access/Reverse Commute (JARC). The NFRMPO expects to have approximately ... Full Story