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Thursday, May 23, 2024

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Why I Am A Teacher

  By Daris Howard It was summer graduation day at the university where I work and a beautiful day it was, unlike the first graduation I attended as a young professor. That one was in April and the cold south wind had swirled the snow around us. On that day, as we watched the students file past, one of my more seasoned colleagues, who was also my mentor, turned to me and said, “Graduation will be one of the happiest and one of the saddest times of your life.” When I asked him why it was ... Full Story

A Technology World

  By Daris Howard   I had been grading papers all day, and I was exhausted. As the work day ended and I left my office, it felt good to step out into the fresh air. I decided to take a longer route to the parking lot to see if I could clear the cobwebs from my head. As I turned the last corner, about 100 yards from where I was parked, I joined a couple of young men who were coming from the lower part of campus. Their clothes were rough and their appearance unkempt. They looked ... Full Story

Writing Contest for Berthoud Students

Writing Contest for Berthoud Students

  Berthoud Schools Fund Writing Contest   Writing contest prompt/topic: How has technology provided by Berthoud BASH funds influenced your education and/or the education of those you know? (Technology includes Promethean boards, document cameras, laptop computers, netbooks, and flip cameras.) Writing can be in the form of an essay, poem, short story, short play, or other appropriate genre. CONTEST RULES The entry must be mailed to the following address: Berthoud Schools Fund Writing ... Full Story