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Monday, June 24, 2024

The Geek Attack: Where's the Love for Colorado?

By Kyle Lee
Berthoud Recorder

How many times have you looked at your favorite band’s tour dates to find, lo and behold, Colorado is completely ignored? I’ve seen this happen with everything from concerts to comic conventions. Even something as silly as a tour of all the NFL training camps by ESPN reporter Chris Mortensen manages to pass us by. And that’s not to say that our precious Broncos are boring; we’ve had more excitement and drama than a rerun of “Dallas”. So why do we get passed over?

There is a clear ignorance and apathetic attitude towards the Rocky Mountain state outside of our general Midwest surroundings. ESPN begrudgingly airs clips and stories from our teams even when we are doing some amazing things. Movies look at us as either entirely covered in snow 365 days a year or everywhere is Boulder. Our state is beautiful, eclectic, and in the nicest way possible, schizophrenic. You can’t hammer our square peg into some other, more jagged hole. If people experienced Colorado more, they would learn some of the residents (myself included) have never skied, we aren’t stereotypes, and we like concerts, comics and independent movies just like everyone else does.
Rest assured my first column isn’t going to be entirely negative. Nan Desu Kan, or NDK as it’s more commonly known as, is one of the best things geek culture has going for them in Colorado. For three days in September, Denver plays host to an anime convention. This is a big celebration of Japanese animation, comics, and culture. Attendents show off costumes of their favorite characters, fan art, and my personal favorite, AMVs (Anime Music Videos edited together with different music for comedy, drama, or the art of it). Contests are held and prizes are won for their efforts. This comes together to create a huge community atmosphere between all the convention goers. Panels are held with creators and actors of popular anime series’ to give fans a chance to interact with them. This column is simply my plea that Colorado get more things like this because there is a huge outcry for it.

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