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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Turner Middle School, October Students of the Month

JACK KLEIN – 6th Grade

Jack comes to class ready to learn.  He takes responsibility for his learning by being a good listener and participating.  Jack asks great questions that reflect his high level of thinking.




SHAWN SOLEM – 7th Grade

Shawn is a very consistently strong student in science.  He is dependable and reliable.  Shawn is a great contributor to the class and is always completing exceptional work.  Thanks, Shaw, for your positive participation in class!


Zachary is a consistently good student who quietly does his work.  He is reliable and can be counted on to do a good job.  He works well in a group as well as independently.



JOANNA PYLES – Electives

Joanna Pyles is a great student.  She is respectful and always prepared and on time.  Joanna is detailed oriented and puts thought and quality into everything she does in class and after school clubs.

Turner Middle School Students of the Month for October

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