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Thursday, June 20, 2024

World Affairs: March 8, 2011


Save Libya
by Joshua Muravchik

From Spain to Poland to Bosnia to Rwanda, the twentieth century was marked by disgraceful betrayals on the part of the West. Libya could be the first such episode of the new century unless the US acts now to prevent Benghazi from becoming the new Guernica, writes Joshua Muravchik. Read More


Steve Coll: Dead Wrong on the Taliban
by Ann Marlowe 

The New Yorker‘s Steve Coll is dead wrong to advocate negotiating with the Taliban — at least that’s what Ann Marlowe thinks, adding that he’s pushing a dubious idea backed by even more dubious and simplistic assumptions. She suggests he think again. Tell us what you think. Read More


Rethinking ‘Islamophobia’
by Alan Johnson

It’s time to abandon the word “Islamophobia,” observes Alan Johnson — its use aims to bring racism and anti-Muslim sentiment to light, but in fact it has reinforced the Islamist narrative by silencing critics of Islam and Muslim reformists. Not to mention the way the backlash against such hysteria risks blurring the lines of criticism and xenophobia. Read More


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