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Friday, June 14, 2024

100 more GunFAILS



The beat goes on: 100 more GunFAILS, and we’re not even caught up yet.

by David Waldman

gun fail 222

TSA agents have discovered approximately 182 guns at airports around the country since we last tallied our GunFAILs in mid-August.
It’s time to catch up with the world of GunFAIL, with another economy-sized package of 100 accidents, mishaps and assorted failures. In fact, we could use two.

By the numbers, the 100 collected FAILs found between late July and mid-August included 33 people who accidentally shot themselves; 26 kids who were accidentally shot; 11 people who accidentally shot into their neighbor’s homes or neighboring hotel rooms; eight people who accidentally fired weapons they claimed to have been cleaning (which of course means they were still loaded at the time); 14 accidents that ended in fatalities; 9 FAILs by law enforcement or security personnel; 15 people who accidentally shot family members or significant others; 6 people who FAILed with their guns while out shopping, dining or otherwise engaging in everyday business in public; 3 people who shot others they mistook for intruders; 2 target shooting accidents, and; 2 people who experienced the growing trend of bathroom GunFAIL.

Stories of special note include:

#13, the Plaxico Burress of the UFC, Joe “Diesel” Riggs, who accidentally shot himself while cleaning a still-loaded pistol, and will therefore miss his scheduled September 13th comeback bout.

#34, in which Los Angeles County deputies, after an 8-hour SWAT standoff, mistook a homeowner who’d been taken hostage for the suspect who’d broken in, shooting and killing him.

#61, in which a woman using Skype to show off a new pistol and laser sight to her daughter, accidentally shot her husband.

#96, in which a Loudoun Co., VA sheriff’s deputy accidentally shot his teenage daughter, mistaking her for an intruder.

#98, in which a Colorado man riding a motorcycle was involved in a collision, and accidentally shot himself with his own concealed weapon.

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