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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Is the US becoming a Nazi state












Are the Nazi-linked Backgrounds of Some of America’s Biggest Corporations a Clue to the Direction We Are Headed?

 By Richard Clark (about the author)

Did IBM knowingly assist the Nazis in rounding up the Jews and are big American corporations now helping our government prepare for the next roundup of scapegoats, trouble makers, and dissidents?Why are war profiteers who play both sides of the fence not prosecuted as Vice President Harry Truman said   they should be in 1942?

Video that answers this question.  (Warning:  a few very disturbing images. )

It’s a well-documented fact that IBM assisted in the Nazi’s Final Solution.   Its financial and other assistance to the Nazi goal of conquering Europe was widely touted in Germany — the same with regard to Ford, DuPont and other big US corporations.  But our powers-that-be kept that quiet here, of course.

The method for how they kept things like that quiet is interesting.   Ford never had to tell the newspapers to keep his factories’ participation in the Nazi war machine secret.     The editors all knew that any mention of it would mean the withdrawal of Ford advertising.

And if you don’t think this “ancient history” has any relevance to what is happening today, skip down to the last several paragraphs of this article, and then to the first comment in the discussion.

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