June 2024


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Monday, June 24, 2024

A Memorial Day like no other

By Claudia Young

Memorial Day Weekend, 2020, is one that is unlike the Memorial Days most of us have experienced. This huge difference is in part due to the pandemic as well as the hate mongering that is currently flourishing in our country.

Wouldn’t it be a welcome relief to have a cessation of the hatred and vile accusations for even this one national holiday to reflect on the sacrifices of all who have given so much for our country through military service? This year we are more than ever reminded of all the frontline people who have performed so much service for all of us whether they are military or not.

This used to be a weekend when there was much proud flag waving and marching bands and speeches to honor all that the United States has become and remained through the blood and loss of our true patriots.

Surely this cannot be compared to the gun-toting and confederate flag-wavers who are so horrifyingly yelling, “This is our country. Love it or leave it.” What an absurdity that these are often the same people who are claiming their supposed “rights” in a Constitution that they seemingly have never bothered to read in full detail and context.

In that vein, it would only make sense to actually read and study the Constitution in its entirety before one opens one’s mouth with such vitriolic accusations and demonstrations that are literally tearing apart our precious country.

Precious is exactly the word for this country—even with all its flaws. Has the United States of America been perfect? Of course not. However, the dignity we once held as citizens has been so torn and tattered that I fear we no longer deserve the respect we once accorded ourselves. The majority of the rest of world has already expressed that shock at how quickly our country has degenerated.

Couldn’t we please put even one iota of the effort expended on hate and judgement into mending our country by trying to look at all sides? There is no need for anyone to prove themselves right at the expense of others just to keep score of who is right and wrong.

Let’s use this weekend to stand up for all we can be as individuals and as a country rather than descend even deeper into the morally reprehensible behavior we have so quickly seen as our new normal.

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