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Thursday, June 20, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: August 2019

Thursday, August 1

Animal Problem: Loves Travel Stop, a bear was sighted in this area. He must not have found a picnic basket and left the area. Maybe they ran out of bumpers

Scam: 14th Street, a resident got an email telling her They have her passwords. She did not respond to the email which was the right thing to do. The did send one of her passwords. Resident was instructed to change all her passwords. Try my password, “Open up you stupid electronic piece of #$@*”. You didn’t think I was going to give out my whole password, did you?

Friday, August 2

Suspicious Circumstance: Franklin Ave, two residents were involved in an altercation with each other. They were yelling back and forth, and one of the men kicked towards the other man’s wheelchair. The dreaded wheelchair kicker, at least it wasn’t the walker tripper.

Commercial Carrier Failed to Comply with Dept. of Public Safety Rules and Regulations Governing Safety Standards and Specifications / Drove a Defective or Unsafe Vehicle / Failed to Use Emergency Reflective Triangles as Required: 3800 e. Hwy 56, a semi-truck driver was making a turn into Loves Travel Center and the hitch on his trailer broke off on the fifth wheel causing the flatbed trailer with 46,000 pound load to slam into the cab of the truck. A level II safety inspection was conducted and placed both the truck and trailer out of service due to multiple safety violations.

Missing Child: Deputies were called on a missing child, connected to person who passed away. Information received from suggested this man had the child with him sometime prior to his death and no one seemed to know where the child was currently. Through computer searches and reaching out to the mother of the child currently incarcerated at Jefferson County Jail an address in Johnstown was located. Contact was made with a man at the address above, Deputies learned from him, yesterday Weld Child Protection Services contacted him and placed the child for his safety. The child was contacted in Johnstown and found to be safe and healthy.

Saturday, August 3

Detox Hold / Trespass: 1st St. and Welch Ave., BNSF railway called stating that a man was laying right next to the tracks and the train ran over him while he was laying. He was uninjured and jumped up and ran away. He was contacted just a few blocks away extremely intoxicated.  He claimed it was not a suicide attempt and didn’t realize his choice of places to pass out was the RR tracks. BNSF Police were on scene and cited him for trespass. He was transported to the hospital for a detox hold. Place to pass out on the RR tracks. How about not get so drunk to pass out.

Assist Medical: 2nd St. a resident called 9-1-1 and said she was sick then passed out while on the phone. Upon arrival she was extremely intoxicated and said that she took a handful of pain pills that belong to her boyfriend. Boyfriend is a truck driver and not home. She was transported to the hospital on a detox hold.

Alcohol Contact / Warrant: Mountain Ave. a man reported a very intoxicated female at Fickle park. She fell off the park bench and hit her head. She was uncooperative and was transported to the hospital then jail.

Sunday, August 4

Family Problems: 2nd Street, a woman had a custody issue with her/ ex-husband yesterday. she talked to Johnstown PD about it. She thinks her ex was following her and may harm her or their child. asked about restraining orders. The woman gives vague concerns about the safety of her son. She has already called for welfare checks from Johnstown PD and mentioned speaking to multiple “cops and deputies” and being told the same thing – the child is safe, take it up with the courts.

Monday, August 5

Civil Matter: Glacier Avenue, due to strong winds, a basketball hoop fell on a vehicle as a woman was driving by causing damage to the vehicle. Slam Dunk?

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage / Fail to Provide Proof of Insurance: Redwood Circle, a driver was driving when his front passenger-side wheel broke free from his truck, causing him to collide with a parked vehicle.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 56 and Frontage Rd., a driver failed to yield the right-of-way and collided with another vehicle. Multiple crashes narrowly avoided in the same intersection, while deputies were on scene.

Tuesday, August 6

Fictitious Plates / Missing Person Follow Up: E. 3rd St and E. Michigan Ave two vehicles were towed for expired and fictitious plates. Both associated with a person who is entered as a missing person out of Illinois. The man refuses to meet deputies and did not comply with warnings about the vehicles. The plate was seized and logged into evidence.

Criminal Mischief / Arson: Indiana Ave. (Pioneer Park), inside the men’s restroom, someone burned a portion of the wall with a lighter. The burn marks were small and there is no structure damage. It is unknown how long this damage has been here. Me smart, me make fire.

DUI: 3rd St. and Mountain Ave. a driver moved the cones next to the “road closed” barricades and drove through and got her vehicle stuck on the railroad tracks. She refused roadsides and was argumentative. She chose a breath test but went uncooperative at the Jail. Booked. There is so much to say here but I will only say “here’s your sign”.

Wednesday, August 7

Possession of Schedule II / Paraphernalia / Warrant Arrest: S. Hwy 287, a 38-year-old woman was contacted and known to have warrants. Meth pipe in open view in the vehicle she was arrested out of. Meth was found in her purse. Dog with her was released to Animal Control. 

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Turner Ave., a driver struck a parked vehicle near this address.

ALPR Hit / Driving Under Restraint / Warrant: a 28-year-old Berthoud man was contacted after an Automated License Plate Reader hit for a warrant. Found to be cancelled, denied, dispatch caught that the warrant said the male could call Clear Creek County Courts and pay the bail on the phone to not go to jail. Clear Creek advised us to not arrest so they could confirm with their courts. The man was issued a proof of service and released.

Curfew Violation: 7th St. during an extra-check at the Berthoud Park, 5-6 juveniles were observed at the picnic tables. They fled upon sight of a deputy, with two on bicycles and at least three on foot. A small backpack was found on the table with marijuana residue in a plastic bag.  Two of the juveniles were located on Canyonlands by Kansas Ave. They would not say who the other males were, so they were each issued a summons for curfew violation and released to parents. Some friends you have who left you to take the fall.

Thursday, August 8

Family Problems: 6th St., a man and woman were reported to be involved in a physical disturbance. It was reported to us hours later. The woman left with the children to stay at a relative’s house. 

Disturbance: Franklin Ave., a verbal disturbance was reported between two clients, both separated by staff.

Warrant Arrest (M): Indiana Ave., A Berthoud man was contacted while being served civil papers. He was found to have a warrant out of Aurora PD. Booked

Friday, August 9

Mental Health: Parish Rd, a 44-year-old man was contacted naked in a field near his home. He was transported by ambulance to Longmont for psychiatric treatment.

Saturday, August 10

Assist to Medical: CR4 and CR21, a 44-year-old man had a manic episode and jumped out of the vehicle taking him to the hospital believing he was god. Transported by EMS to the hospital. 

Criminal Mischief: 7th Street, juveniles caught on security camera vandalizing the park bathroom. One juvenile cited.

Criminal Mischief: 5th Street, a resident found her rear-view mirror broken on her suburban. Possibly related to Juvenile problems at Berthoud Park behind her residence. 

Sunday, August 11

Vehicle Trespass: Lene Lane, a resident got a phone call on work phone from someone who said their personal belongings were strewn about on her front yard; that is how she found out their car had been broken into and belongings taken.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Loves Travel Center, a semi was backing into a parking spot when it hit another semi already parked.

SCAM: urban place, a resident wanted to report a scam that she has been involved in. She states that she was told that if she invested in some prepaid amazon gift cards. ($200 worth) than she would receive $90k or more back within a week and it would be sent directly to her house in a FedEx box. She learned that this was a scam after investing her $200 into amazon gift cards. Someone please get her a subscription to the Surveyor to read my scam reports.

Vehicle Trespass: Canyonlands, a resident discovered that her unlocked vehicle was entered last night, and personal items taken. Another subscription please about my reports on unlocked cars with valuables left inside.

Monday, August 12

Vehicle Trespass: Canyonlands, a resident reported her purse was stolen from her unlocked car sometime between midnight and this morning. The purse was recovered in a yard a few houses down but not the credit cards and checkbook. Related to the case below with additional victims as other empty bags and wallets were recovered.

Vehicle Trespass: Lenne Lane, a resident reported two laptops stolen from his unlocked car sometime the previous night. One of the laptops was recovered in the yard down from his house. Homeowners are providing video of possible suspect walking toward their house at 01:30.

SCAM: Urban Place, a resident sent $200 in an amazon gift card via Facebook for a federal home family care grant that would send $90,000 in cash. The suspect contacted the resident and introduced her to another person via Facebook and showed her pictures of the FedEx package she received containing $90,000 in cash. And I will show you a picture of an empty bank account.

Criminal Trespass / Attempted Criminal Trespass on Vehicle / Attempted Criminal Trespass on Shed: Kansas Avenue, multiple vehicles broken into, while collecting evidence, we received a call of a suspect on farm property near first crime scene. Set up perimeter and canvased area. Drone used to clear large farm area. Suspect still at large. Investigation continues.

Tuesday, August 13

Burglary: Heron Lakes Parkway, Whirlpool washer and dryer were stolen from model home along with lockbox and keys to other homes under construction.

Theft: Heron Lakes Parkway, 20 8×4 siding sheets stolen from the construction site over the weekend. If you happen see a new home being built please report it, wait they are going up all over, oh well never mind.

Theft: Welch Ave, a resident reported jewelry with a value of $18,000.00 missing after having her carpet cleaned. 

Wednesday, August 14

Warrant Arrest: Loves Travel Center, a 56-year-old person was contacted on a directed patrol, found to have a warrant. Booked on the warrant,

Possible Sex Offense: Country Road. A woman reported to Loveland Police after being arrested on a warrant that a 49-year-old man sexually assaulted her at this address. Investigations notified.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 287 and CR8, a driver rear ended another vehicle that was yielding to traffic while turning west onto County Road 8. She was issued a summons. 

Stolen Firearms: Glacier Av. A resident reported during a move from Longmont he either misplaced three guns. Two .357 revolvers and a .22 caliber pistol or they were stolen. 

Thursday, August 15

Possible Theft: Heron Lakes Parkway, a neighbor to this job site called in to report a box truck taking siding. When he confronted the people, they put the siding back and left. Deputies located the vehicle on Taft and 42nd St SW. The Driver and passenger claim that they work for Lennar Homes and were supposed to move the siding from one job site to another. A consent search revealed no siding was in the truck. This may be related to a siding theft case last week.

 Criminal Mischief: 1st St. the lot manager for Loveland Ford. An unknown suspect has been shooting out windows of new trucks at this holding lot. He has not reported it before and has not turned anything into insurance because it is usually cheaper to not go through insurance. This time a rear window to a 2019 Ford F150 was broken and it will cost $1100 to replace so his insurance needs a case number.

 Theft: 4th Street, a resident reported that her “fanny pack” was stolen; outside of the church. Oh, Oh the punishment on this one will be much harsher than anything I can bring.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: N CR 19 / W CR10E, a 17-year-old Johnstown youngster lost control of his vehicle while taking the curve at this intersection too fast and crashed.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: 3800 E Hwy 56, a truck driver backed his semi into another semi, when he was attempted to park at Love’s Travel Center; causing damage to the other vehicle.

Friday, August 16

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage / DUI / Careless Driving: 6th St. and Welch Ave., a 44-year-old Lakewood driver made a wide turn and struck a parked vehicle. He was intoxicated and was booked. 

Saturday, August 17

Assist to Berthoud Fire: Due to the extremely high winds, deputy’s responded to multiple assist to fire calls. One at Berthoud Living Center for a tree which fell on the power lines causing a fire right next to the building. The second Welch Av for a tree which fell into a house and the third at 5th/Welch Av for a large tree that fell in the road and onto a vehicle. No injuries reported and only minor damage to the house/vehicles. I’m going out on a limb and stating that this wind really branched out through town and strong wind is nothing to bark about. Oh, also we will get to the root of it before we leaf.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: 3800 E Hwy 56, one semi crashed into another semi, while trying to park in the back of Love’s Travel Center. Ongoing issue with semis crashing in the same location.

Found Property/Possible Run Away: Jay Pl., a mother called in and stated she was in her son’s bedroom and when she looked in his closet, she was face to face with a juvenile female approximately 15-17-years of age. The mom stated the female ran out of the window and took off from the house on foot. The identity of the female is unknown. The mom stated the female left two bags behind and requested we take them as found property. Items logged into property/evidence. And just to think, I only had monsters in my closet when I was growing up.

Sunday, August 18

Warrant Arrest: Loves Travel Center, a 20-year-old homeless man was contacted for expired plates and found to have a warrant for his arrest.

Monday, August 19

Theft: 10th Street, an industrial chainsaw was stolen by one of the employees. I mean ex-employee.

Tuesday, August 20

Weapons Call: E. Nebraska and E 4th Street, a man walked up to a construction worker and started yelling him for killing the trees. The man told the construction worker he needed to make this right. The man lifted his shirt to reveal a handgun tucked in his pants and walked away.

Swashbuckling: Franklin, a staff member reported there were two residents yelling at each other and then pretended their arms were swords. Arrr me Bucko and shiver me timbers.

Wednesday, August 21

Suspicious Circumstances: S. 5th Street, a dad reported his daughter was getting ready for work around 4:30 this morning and looked out into the back yard and saw someone in their backyard. We went into the backyard and nothing is missing or damaged.

Warrant Arrest: Mountain Avenue and 8th Street, a Berthoud driver was contacted on a traffic stop. He had an active warrant for failure to appear out of Loveland for driving under restraint. He was transported to the Larimer County Jail.

Suspicious Circumstances: Canyonlands, it was reported that a man is on a Segway or a hoverboard, wearing a security uniform that has a collared shirt, was riding up and down the street shining a flashlight acting like he’s patrolling. The male is with a pest control company and was checking on houses his company services. Something about this call bugs me.

Thursday, August 22

Trespass: 4th Street, a resident reported her ex-husband went in her house yesterday. They do both still own the home, but he no longer lives there, and she didn’t give him permission to go inside.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: 3rd Street and Mountain, a vehicle was parked on Mountain in the 300 block and was leaving a parked position to travel east. The driver stated there was a break in traffic, and she began to pull out. A 2nd vehicle was travelling east on Mountain and her vehicle was struck by the 1st vehicle as it pulled out.

Friday, August 23

Suspicious Circumstances: Bruce Drive, Ft. Collins Police requested a deputy to respond to Bruce Drive to check the welfare of a female. Fort Collins original call notes for this call stated, “received a phone call from her daughter who was hysterical and just said “mom, mom” and then hung up. Ft. Collins Police has reason to believe that this woman may be living at this address.

License Revoked / Speeding: Berthoud Parkway and Mountain, a 67-year-old Denver man was stopped for speeding, his driving privileges are revoked. He was booked at the Larimer County Jail.

Saturday, August 24

Disturbance: 8th Street, it was reported that there is currently a male guest who is very intoxicated. he has been screaming at other guests. He is making everyone very uncomfortable. And they need him to leave but he will not leave. He left upon our request.

Vehicle Damage: A driver was driving through the area and the construction company was dumping/moving rock. his vehicle was stuck and left a significant mark. This is not a vehicle crash, Construction company was using a machine that throws dirt into a dump truck, the driver drove under that stream of dirt and his vehicle was damaged on the hood. His insurance company requested a report.

Suspicious Circumstances: Potomac Court, report of a party in house under construction. The house is supposed to be vacant until mid-September. The party is in the garage and the garage door is open. Everyone was gone and the garage floor was very wet with fresh epoxy. Most likely workers finishing the job. several tools still at the address and nothing appeared disturbed. front door secure, but garage doors open; likely to assist in drying the epoxy.

Sunday, August 25

Unsafe Shooting: Pine Hill Drive, it was reported that there were people shooting a .22 caliber rifle towards the golf course. There is a natural berm that they were shooting into.

Suspicious Circumstances: Meadowlark, a 2002 Dodge Ram was stolen from Denver, and the reporting person said she got a ping that her car was currently at this location. She states that the ping came from tile app. Tile makes tiny Bluetooth trackers along with a companion app that allows you to locate lost or stolen items. She placed a tile sticker in her truck and after it was stolen, she was able to track it to the above location. she received the updated location about 15 minutes prior to calling dispatch. Vehicle was located in the driveway of of Country Road. The driver was on scene and speaking with him sounds like a civil issue/false reporting, He had paperwork for the registration, and insurance which was in his name. Stated he let her borrow the vehicle but then found out she was not holding up her end of the agreement, so he took the vehicle back.

Monday, August 26

Warrant Arrest: Mountain Av, a 49-year-old Berthoud man was arrested after an anonymous tip. 

Suspicious Circumstances: It was reported that a student from a different school posted concerning photo on snapchat. Other school SRO and administration notified. It was just a joke the student said. There is no joking when it comes to threats to a school Pal!

Warrant / Unlawful Possession of a Controlled Substance / Criminal Impersonation: Mile Marker 326 on Hwy 287, a 22-year-old Ft. Collins man was contacted on a motorist assist. The man provided a fake name, before eventually being identified. He lied because he had two warrants for his arrest. Following a K9 sniff, methamphetamine was located in the vehicle. Booked.

Tuesday, August 27

Stolen Vehicle: Grand Market Ave., an unknown suspect stole a black flatbed trailer. The trailer also has a white logo that says “AGS Excavating.” 

Wednesday, August 28

Berthoud: Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Berthoud Parkway and Hwy 287, a vehicle was being driven by a 16-year-old and driving next to another vehicle. The teen changed lanes to the right and struck the other vehicle. No injuries.

Thursday, August 29

Motor Vehicle Theft/ Recovery: S 3rd Street, a resident reported her dad’s truck stolen. It was located and towed abandoned by Weld County Sheriff before the entry was fully completed. She was put in touch with the tow company.

Warrant Arrest: Meadowlark Drive, assist to Longmont Police. Longmont Police contacted a female on a shoplifting call, and she had 4 warrants out of Larimer County, they asked if we could take custody of her and transport her to LCSO jail. LCSO Uber at your service.

Introduction Contraband: Larimer Jail, from the assist to Longmont Police, the female was found to have a meth pipe hidden in her bra, discovered at the jail. Felony charges filed. Alas, another felony charge.

Friday, August 30

Mental Health Issue: Mountain Ave, a 38-year-old Loveland woman was contacted outside Berthoud Town Hall, and did not know what day, week, or month it was, and she stated she was in Oklahoma. Transported to the hospital for a mental evaluation. Oklahoma has A&W restaurants, don’t they? I can see the confusion.

Saturday, August 31

Suspicious Circumstances: Mountain Ave., the store manager reported that two females in the store may have shoplifted jewelry. Two women were in the store and hanging around the jewelry counter. Management requested they be trespassed from the property.

Family Problems: Greenwood Dr. a mother reported that her 15-year-old son was out of control and assaulted her and her husband. Evidence did not support assault charges however there was a disturbance at this home. Mom and dad refused to allow the son back into the house. Son is the custody of Department of Human Services and was home on a trial basis. He was transported back to the HUB. Guess the trial didn’t work out.


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