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Friday, May 24, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: July 2019

July 1

Drove After Revocation Prohibited and Fictitious Plates – Female driver was stopped for various infractions. Her license was revoked with multiple cases. She had no insurance as well. Vehicle was impounded and female was taken to jail.

Took multiple calls today involving juveniles fighting at Kansas Av and Canyonlands near the natural area and then harassing other juveniles to fight in town, apparently, they are running out of productive things to do over the summer. When Deputies arrived no one was found fighting, no signs of serious injuries, and no victim reporting an assault. The juveniles involved were ID’d and might be in a silver vehicle. No crime substantiated due to no victim coming forward or being able to be found.

July 2

Shoplifting and Trespassing at Hays Market – Female stole $23 of food, and Staff chased after her. Deputy was in the area right down the street and detained the female after a very short foot chase into a backyard off 8th St by A&W. She was summonsed for theft and the store was able to recover all their property. Female was issued a written trespass and a summons for theft. She also had multiple clean needles on her person and cotton balls after a search.

July 3

Vehicle Trespass, Theft, and Criminal Mischief – Tipton Street in Berthoud, an unknown suspect(s) broke the driver side window of a truck that was parked in Hammond Farms construction area and stole copper tubing. Will be checking video from surrounding area.

July 4

Steady day with non-eventful calls for service. However, a great night event in the town with much success in the 1st annual fireworks show in Berthoud. Way to go! Traffic was light and the fireworks were amazing.

July 5

Two calls for service in town where people got heated after the Fourth of July events and were involved in verbal arguments at home and needed help sorting out differences. Couples counseled and helped with resources. No crimes detailed just old-fashioned mediation.

July 6

Motor Vehicle Accident at Mountain Ave. and Berthoud Parkway – Two vehicles involved, and no one was hurt. Both drivers were in agreement as to the cause and summons was issued to at fault driver.

Trespassing – Homeowner called to report people crossing over his gate onto other land. He will be putting up a camera to help catch and identify the people.

July 7

Motor Vehicle Accident – Hays Market parking lot, where a patron came out to find a note on his vehicle that said “sorry,” but no contact info on it.  A witness had taken a photograph of the vehicle and a vehicle owner was identified out of Nebraska. Investigation ongoing to contact the driver.

Missing July 8 to 14

Monday, July 15

Fraud/Theft: Versaw Court, a business reported their business account was compromised and six $200.00 checks were forged and cashed.

Family Disturbance: S 3rd Street, a 17-year-old got mad at his mom because dad took his Xbox away and threatened her with a knife. He also broke his controllers to the Xbox. Yep that will teach them to take my Xbox by golly.

Vehicle Crash / Injury: Hwy 56 and I-25, a vehicle failed to yield the right of way at a stop sign and collided with another vehicle. Other driver complained of head and neck pain.

Vehicle Crash / Fatal: Hwy 287 and 1st Street, a car traveling north on Hwy 287 hydroplaned on water on the road due to a recent rainstorm, skidded into the southbound traffic and was hit by another larger vehicle. Passenger in the car died at the hospital. We forget about a simple thing like hydroplaning and results of our forgetfulness can be devastating. Please Slow Down!

Tuesday, July 16

Theft: Heron: Lakes Pkwy, 80 gallons of diesel fuel was siphoned out of a contractor’s dump truck. Ground was very muddy and the tracks lead to a possible raised dually pickup with large tires.

Assault: Weld CR 7, Berthoud, a female with a bloody face was knocking on a resident’s door asking for help. According to her she met this guy that lives by Mead on-line. Sunday, she took an Uber to his residence out in the country west of Mead. She stayed until today and they got into a fight and he punched her in the face. She could not tell deputies where this address is and only knew his first name. What could go wrong here? Meet on-line, Uber on out to an unknown location. Spend 2 nights with a guy you only know by his 1st name. Nope, seems safe to me.

Suspicious Circumstances: Sioux Drive, a resident reported they found the pins from the hinges on his large gate had been removed.

Wednesday, July 17

Criminal Mischief: Ivy Stockwell Elementary, staff found broken MJ bongs on the ground and damage to the brick on the school. Staff kicked out three middle school boys yesterday who were smoking MJ. Working with the school district for video footage to identify the suspects.

Assist to Weld County Sheriff: Weld CR3, deputies were conducting follow up here in reference to this case. A 44-year-old man was taken into custody for yesterday’s assault case. After an interview with the man it was determined the female victim in our case lied about her name and came back last night. She and three others broke into the home and beat the man over the head with a crowbar before fleeing. Evidence on scene to support that. Case turned over to Weld.

Missing Juvenile: 10th St, a father reported his 15-year-old boy as missing. He was last seen at Pioneer Park getting into a white car.

Thursday, July 18

Angry Citizen: Bristlecone Court, a resident came into town hall a couple days ago to find out about her neighbor who is registered as a sex offender but is not on the county website due to not meeting the criteria by the Sex Offender Registration and Notification Act. She was very upset, and we explained to her why it wasn’t on the county website and she still refused to accept that answer. She then proceeded to yell at us that we as law enforcement charge people with indecent exposure and then they get registered so we “can make more money.” she then hung up after complaining that no one will ever know. Law enforcement does not have anything to do with registration criteria we just enforce it and we sure don’t “make money”. Who said our job is easy.

Friday, July 19

Assist to Medical: Berthoud Pkwy and Hwy 287, a driver was driving south on Berthoud Pkwy when he appeared to have a medical issue. Has a history of previous episodes. Wife was able to pull vehicle over from the passenger seat. As Dispatch was picking up the 911 call there was already two off duty nurses and another citizen starting CPR. The man was transported to the hospital.

Warrant Arrest: 2nd Street, a 40-year-old Berthoud man was arrested on two arrest warrants. Booked. 

Saturday, July 20

Theft: Greenwood Dr. a resident reported that her jewelry box was taken from her closet. contractors were doing work on the day when it went missing. I bet the thief is a real gem and belongs to a ring of thieves that I have a set of bracelets for.

Possible Arson: 2000 block of 1st Street, deputies responded to assist Berthoud Fire on a grass fire at this property. The property is abandoned with multiple vehicles on it and a vacant house. Due to the circumstances the fire was deemed suspicious. Investigators from Berthoud fire and LCSO responded.

Sunday, July 21

Assist to Medical / Possession of Schedule I andII Controlled Substances: Turner Av., a 37-year-old woman was contacted outside of this address. She appeared to be having a medical emergency and was preparing to drive. The woman was transported to hospital for treatment for an overdose. Methamphetamine and Heroin discovered in her vehicle.

Family Problems: Keep Circle, a young man reported that his father assaulted him. Investigation concluded that the two were involved in a wrestling match over unpaid expenses.

Monday, July 22

Vehicle Crash / Rollover: Hwy 56 and WCR7, a driver didn’t account for the loose gravel when turning from Highway 56 to Weld County Road 7. Vehicle slid and went over the embankment and rolled to it’s top. The driver was checked by medical and released on scene.

Identity Theft: Wagon Bend Rd, a resident reported getting a call from someone claiming to be with Social Security that had her SSN. They convinced her to go to her bank to withdraw 17K. The bank put a stop to it, so she did not lose any money.

Criminal Mischief: Spartan Avenue, unknown suspect spray painted what appeared to be a cat face, a dog face and some other unidentifiable characters in the baseball dugouts. 

Family Problems: Woodcock Dr., a man and a woman had been arguing about each of them cheating on the other. This continued throughout the day through texts messages, they were both communicating their feelings. When the woman arrived home this evening, she found the man had moved all of his stuff out of their apartment but was sleeping in the bedroom. She found some of his stuff at the top of the stairs and decided to toss them down the stairs.

Tuesday, July21

Wednesday, July 24

Thursday, July 25

Search Warrant: Turner Avenue, the Sheriff SWAT team executed a search warrant at this location. Three people taken out of the residence with 2 of them being arrested. How to NOT get SWAT to come to your house. Don’t sell drugs in Berthoud!

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Berthoud Pkwy / Grand Market. A driver was in the round-a-bout and merged into another vehicle. The only damage to the vehicles were a small rub mark from the mirror.

Friday, July 26

Disturbance: E. Nebraska Ave. a man and his girlfriend were involved in a verbal argument.

Saturday, July 27

Theft: Berthoud Pool, a teal bicycle, was not locked up and it was stolen.

Juvenile Problems: Spartan Ave. a resident reported that several juvenile males pushed over a Port-a-Potty at the high school. Now there took some brain power, push over a toilet, woo hoo.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: N. Berthoud Pkwy / S. Hwy 287, a driver crashed her truck into another vehicle.

Sunday, July 28

Vehicle Crash / Injury: 4th St / Mountain Av a driver ran the red light and t-boned another vehicle, causing minor to herself only.

Missing Adult: E Colorado Av., a 50-year-old man was reported missing.

Recovered Missing Person: E. Colorado Ave., the 50-year-old man returned home after he went missing. He told everyone that he was “just out for a walk.”

DUI: 42nd St. SW / S. Hwy 287, a 41-year-old woman was contacted for weaving and arrested for suspicion of DUI. Booked. Here’s a little tidbit of info; DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!

Monday, July 29

Scam: 3rd Street, a resident was contacted by someone claiming to be from Xcel Energy. He gave $298.96 in a green dot card to the suspect. If anyone asks you to send money using any type of card over the phone it is a SCAM!

Suspicious Circumstances: Ivy Stockwell, a resident reported 2 teenagers on the playground “smoking weed”. Ended up 2 kids were on the playground eating chicken wings. Weed – wings it’s a fine line they, both start with “W”

Tuesday, July 30

Vehicle Crash / Injury: Weld CR 44 / Weld CR 11- Deputies responded to this area for a report of a crash by Weld County SO and CSP. Deputies took the crash even though there were some jurisdiction disagreements. A driver fell asleep at the wheel and went off the road. He suffered a broken pelvis, and dislocated/fractured hip.

DUI-Drugs / Vehicle Crash-Property Damage / Driving Under Restraint / Criminal Mischief / Possession of Schedule III Controlled Substance / Harassment: Chokeberry St., an adult son got into a physical fight with his father after the son hit neighbor’s fences with a vehicle and then struck two parked vehicles in the driveway. Refused chemical testing. 47 pills of steroids found in the vehicle as well as drug paraphernalia. Booked uncooperative after he attempted to slip handcuffs and started to bang his head on the vehicle partition.

Wednesday, July 31

Trespass: Berthoud Parkway, a demolition team arrived at this location to demolish a house and outbuildings. They checked the house out first and found someone living in it. The man called a friend and was out before the next day.

Suspicious Circumstances: Kansa Ave., a resident reported there was damage to their vehicle’s front bumper, license plate ripped off and a flat tire. Upon close examination the damage done to the bumper had teeth marks and very large fang holes. The tire was also bitten and dents above the flat tire on the fender. It appears we had a very angry bear in the neighborhood who took a disliking to this vehicle. If it’s not a bear then we have a Werewolf, Sasquatch, or a mean racoon sporting a leather jacket and slicked back hair.

Criminal Mischief:  S 1st Street, someone intentionally hit a post on this property breaking a reflector.  This is not the first time this has happened at this address.  Deputies are checking for any video footage from homes with cameras.

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