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Monday, June 24, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter, December 2016

Updated January 2, 2017




Provided by
James Anderson
Patrol Sergeant: Berthoud Squad

Thursday, December 1

Vehicular Eluding / Aggravated Robbery / Burglary / Driving Under the Influence of Drugs / Trespass: LARIMER-WELD-BOULDER COUNTIES: a 19-year-old Lakewood man stole a vehicle out of Lakewood. This vehicle was later called in as a REDDI report by Ft Collins. A deputy located and attempted to stop the vehicle near Owl Canyon and I-25. The man did not yield, driving recklessly and purposefully putting other motorists in danger by attempting head-on collisions. Deputies terminated the vehicle pursuit for public safety. The 19-year-old man, not being pursed, would later wreck his first stolen vehicle of the day on I-25 near Berthoud. The man fled to a nearby home and from there the man broke into another vehicle, burglarized a home, and took a Jeep, his second stolen vehicle of the day. The man drove the Jeep into Boulder County, where he committed a robbery with a knife, committed more vehicle trespasses and eventually stole his third vehicle of the day, an Oldsmobile sedan. He crashed the vehicle through a fence onto HWY 66. A second pursuit of this man was commenced by Boulder County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado State Patrol. This pursuit was also terminated for public safety. Larimer Deputies spotted the latest stolen vehicle as it returned to Larimer County by Berthoud and another pursuit was initiated. Between Berthoud and the 800 block of South Lincoln Avenue, the Oldsmobile Cutlass drove over spike strips at least twice and was subject to vehicle stopping maneuvers bringing the vehicle to a halt. The man attempted to flee on foot but was taken into custody by the assembled multi-jurisdictional team.

Friday, December 2

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: 100 block of Welch Avenue, someone struck a resident’s truck while it was parked in front of his residence. Run vehicle is a dark Green Nissan Sedan with damage to the front passenger side, also missing a headlight.

Scam: 600 block of 9th Street, a resident reported someone called and tricked her 71-year-old father into giving them his Social Security number.

DUI: 1st Street & Franklin Avenue, a 38-year-old Loveland man was called in with his friend driving through a neighborhood at 2:30am, making noise, driving on the grass and appearing intoxicated. They were.

Vehicle Crash X3: Hwy 287 & Hwy 56, due to icy bridges; 1st vehicle going South lost control through the median, through the north bound lanes and down the shoulder. No injuries/damage. 2nd vehicle also south bound lost control, went off the right side and quite a way into a field. Just a flat tire.  2 other vehicles collided on the move, sustaining heavy damage but no injuries.

Saturday, December 3

Suspicious Incident/People: 100 block of E. Colorado, a resident reported there is a vacant construction site and the resident currently sees a man and woman climbing up ladders out of a basement and removing tarps. Upon deputies’ arrival, the subjects were gone but it appears they were workers covering the floor to the basement of new cement.

Sunday, December 4

Warrant Arrest / Driving Under Revocation / Suspicious Vehicle: Welch Avenue & 3rd Street, a 26-year-old Berthoud man successfully ditched deputies as he entered Berthoud. He was confirmed Suspended and had a felony warrant out of Weld County for Felony Menacing with a $15,000.00 bond. Later, he was observed leaving his house going to work and was arrested.

Driving Under Revocation / Displayed Expired Number Plates: Hwy 287 at mile marker 326, a 39-year-old Loveland man was stopped for displaying expired June 2015 temporary plate. Found to be cancelledMonday, December 5

Violation of Protection Order/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia:  400 block of 5th Street, a 38-year-old man returned to shower and collect some belongings from his residence. The man is restrained from being at this residence by a civil protection order.

Warrant:  300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 50-year-old Berthoud man turned himself in at town hall.

Tuesday, December 6

Criminal Mischief:  400 block of Water Avenue, a Berthoud town employee reported someone damaged a street sign and a water valve vent sometime over the past week.

Burglary:  3400 block of Memory Place, a construction trailer was broken into sometime overnight.

Wednesday, December 7

Assist to Longmont Police Department:  300 block of Turner Avenue, several Longmont detectives came to Berthoud investigating a suspicious death that had occurred in Longmont.

Theft:  700 block of 5th Street, a resident reported that his red 2011 bike was stolen.

Thursday, December 8

Vehicle Crash / Driving Too Fast for Road Conditions:  10th Street and Welch Avenue, a 17-year-old was driving too fast for the road conditions and lost control of his vehicle on some ice and crashed into a street lamp.

Computer Crime:  1700 Exeter Street, a resident called to report that someone accessed his eBay account and used it to purchase an iPhone.

Friday, December 9

Recovered Property:  200 block of Mountain Avenue, a resident called to turn over old shotgun shells.

Vehicle Crash / Failed to Yield When Entering the Roadway:  500 block of Mountain Avenue, a driver failed to yield the right-of-way to another vehicle while turning onto Mountain Avenue.

Criminal Mischief:  1800 block of N CR15-C, a resident reported that someone smashed the rear driver’s side window of his vehicle. 

DUI:  Spartan Avenue and 9th Street, a 63-year-old Berthoud man was stopped for only having one working head lamp and arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

DUI:  I-25 and Hwy 56, a 23-year-old Longmont woman was parked in the center of the off-ramp lane while her 25-year-old male passenger was urinating next to her vehicle. She was arrested for suspicion of driving under the influence.

Saturday, December 10

Recovered Stolen Property:  300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 13-year-old came to Town Hall with his grandmother to turn in a gun that he had stolen during a vehicle trespass in October.

Sunday, December 11

Trespass:  Berthoud Cemetery, a 26-year-old man was driving around the cemetery on a 4-wheeler.

Monday, December 12

Welfare Check:  A resident left a note for his parents stating he needed to get away for a while. Concerned parents state he has been depressed.

Tuesday, December 13

Warrant Arrest:  200 Caballo Avenue, an 18-year-old man was arrested for a felony warrant.

Theft:  800 block of Welch Avenue, a landlord called to report that a tenant moved out in the middle of his lease and also took several items out of the garage.

Wednesday, December 14

Vehicle Crash:  Welch Avenue and 1st Street, a Berthoud resident struck another vehicle when she was stopped at the corner of Welch and 1st to turn left. She stated she started to go into the intersection when she hit a car that was turning from 1st to Welch Avenue

Thursday, December 15

Warrant Arrest:  200 block of 2nd Street, a 46-year-old Berthoud man was contacted and found to have a misdemeanor warrant out of Boulder County for Failure to Appear with no bond.

Theft:  800 block of 13th Street, someone stole the star shower motion light Christmas decoration from a 71-year-old Berthoud woman’s residence. Possible suspect is a rotten person who deserves a lump of coal for Christmas.

Friday, December 16

Theft of a Trailer:  900 block of 2nd Street, a resident reported that his trailer was stolen from the parking area of a storage unit.

Vehicle Crash:  1st Street and North of Bunyan Avenue, a 20-year-old Berthoud man was driving too fast for the snowy conditions and lost control of his vehicle when he over corrected driving into a ditch causing damage to his vehicle.

Saturday, December 17

Theft:  450 8th Street, a 56-year-old Berthoud man took another patron’s credit card at the bar and paid for several beers on his tab. 

DUI:  Welch Avenue and 4th Street, a 41-year-old man was stopped for failing to stop at a stop sign and was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Noise Complaint:  900 block of 3rd Street, a maintenance train has been parked across the street for the last week with the engine running.

Sunday, December 18

Assault:  300 block of 2nd Street, a man attacked a resident knocking him down to the ground when he walked home. This all stimmed from an earlier argument between the two.

Monday, December 19

Suspicious Death: 700 block of Welch Avenue, a 58-year-old resident was found unresponsive by a roommate. Shortly after deputies arrived, the roommate got nervous and fled down the alley but was caught by deputies and returned to the scene, he claims he was too distraught and just wanted to leave.

Drugs: Ranch Hand Drive and Big Thunder Road, a 27-year-old man was contacted after being called in as a suspicious person. He was contacted walking up a driveway of a home that wasn’t his and he couldn’t explain why he was there. During the contact, a white powdery substance was located on the man.

Tuesday, December 20

Harassment: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, it was reported that there was a disturbance between two women

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: E Iowa Avenue and 1st Street, a 16-year-old struck a parked vehicle and fled the scene.

Wednesday, December 21

Criminal Trespass / Theft: 900 block of Kansas, 500 block of Canyonlands Street. Unlocked vehicles were entered, glove boxes, center consoles gone through.

Thursday, December 22

Suspicious Vehicle: 10th Street, a resident reported seeing a suspicious white Chrysler 300 in the area. He observed a white male looking at cars and house, and when he attempted to confront him the male left in the vehicle.

Vehicle Crash: 1st Street and Tavner Court, two vehicles were involved in a minor damage non-injury crash.

Saturday, December 24

Welfare Check: 1700 block of Weld CR 46, a woman Facebook messaged her ex-common law from 16 years prior, that her current boyfriend had just assaulted her while her baby cried for food. The woman was tracked down and said she sent it for “attention”, “holiday stress” and no one was helping buy food and getting ready for a Christmas dinner.

Sunday, December 25

Assault: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, a woman struck another for touching her toilet paper.

Tuesday, December 27

Lost Property: 300 block of Cheyenne Drive, a resident called to report that the rear plate of his vehicle has either fallen off or it had been stolen.

Vehicle Crash: 300 block of Massachusetts Avenue, a 43-year-old driver hit another vehicle while pulling into a parking space.

Wednesday, December 28

Tampering / Possible Environmental Crime: 1100 block of Welch Avenue, the car wash owner was contacted by a customer, who viewed another customer dumping five 5-gallon buckets of a substance down the drain of a wash bay. The customer took photos of the suspect vehicle and the business has video of the incident. The substance contaminated a tank in the wash bay, which connects with the town sewage. This tank will need to be emptied and cleaned. The suspect is a business owner out of Littleton. He stated that the chemicals in the buckets were Heat Transfer Fluid, ethylene glycol and deck varnish. This info was forwarded to Larimer Health Department and Town of Berthoud Water.

Criminal Mischief: 500 block of S 9th Street, a resident reported two incidents that caused a total of over $200 in damages to her Christmas decorations over the last several nights.

Criminal Mischief: 100 block of Common Drive, a resident called to report two inflatable decorations had been slashed sometime overnight.

Thursday, December 29

Vehicle Trespass: 300 block of Welch Avenue, a resident called to report that ski equipment was stolen from the back of her secured pickup truck bed.

Friday, December 30

Lost Property: 200 block of 2nd Street, a resident reported a lost Social Security card.

Criminal Mischief: 500 block of S 9th Street, another Christmas decoration was damaged.

Saturday, December 31

Trespass / Attempted Theft / Violation of Bond Conditions: 800 block of Franklin Avenue, an alert employee on break observed male approach a transport van, went under the hood appearing to be taking things, she yells “HEY”, he runs across the street to a camper and drives off. Investigation leads to a 32-year-old man who tosses his friend, who is a 35-year-old man under the bus/van who admits to the crime.  

Criminal Mischief: 800 block of 8th Street, an angry 13-year-old boy threw a brick through his mom’s living room window.


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