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Sunday, June 23, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: December 2018

Updated December 31, 2018

Saturday, Dec. 1

Theft: Meadowlark Drive, A sign advertising the Christmas Tree sale for Berthoud Wrestling was stolen overnight. A second sign may have been taken from the area of 1st and Mountain. No suspects.

Suspicious/Welfare Check: Jay Place, Male called in a welfare check on his mother. Male received a call from her boyfriend stating that she had fallen down the steps and was not in good shape. Medical and Law enforcement responded to the address where the female was found semi-conscious with injuries. Investigation ongoing after female was transported to a local hospital.

Sunday, Dec. 2

Follow Up: Mountain Avenue, Male turned himself in on Deputy’s open active case, and was booked into the Larimer County Jail.

MVA Non-Injury: N. Berthoud Pkwy. / Grand Market, Male driver slid on black ice striking the curb and a street sign causing minor damage.

Dec. 3

Welfare Check: 2nd Street, Female working with
medical staff to help provide care had a difficult time with care and was
refusing to eat. Caregiver and Medical treatment sought with assistance.
Referral made for additional help. Female was transported to local hospital
with medical complaint. No signs of abuse or neglect unless doctors say
something different today; however, the situation could worsen if the current
issues are not addressed. APS referral made, and an email was sent to MH2.

Follow-up: 2nd Street, We spoke to the
residents in regard to a complaint about weapons. Hunter returning from a trip
was putting hunting rifles away and made neighbors nervous. Nothing criminal
and all subjects agreed to be more careful moving firearms.

Dec. 4

Animal Call/Deer: A small deer jumped in front of a
Deputy’s vehicle. Deer was pronounced dead at the scene. Minor damage to the

Dec. 5

Stolen Vehicle Recovery/Felony
Eluding/Reckless Driving/Narcotic Paraphernalia:
CR15C/Water Ave, A vehicle was
contacted for weaving and exhibition of speed. The vehicle did not stop and
after a short vehicle pursuit the vehicle lost control and came to stop in a
field. The driver fled on foot but wasn’t located after a K-9 track. The
registered owner later reported the vehicle stolen to Windsor Police. The
suspect was later contacted at Community Corrections and interviewed. More
follow up to come.

Family Problems: 2nd
Street, Male and Female were involved in a verbal argument due to both subjects
being intoxicated. Nothing criminal could be substantiated, and the Male
decided to leave for the evening to keep the peace.

Dec. 6

Family Problems: 2nd Street, Male and Female were
involved in another verbal argument due to both subjects being intoxicated. Again,
nothing criminal, however, this time the female stated she was leaving and was
moving out due to the conflicts. Another peaceful resolution, with Deputies
keeping the peace.

Dec. 7

Suspicious Circumstances: South Iowa Avenue, A suspicious
vehicle was called in parked at the south end of the dead-end road. When the
vehicle was approached by Deputies, the vehicle attempted to flee. Three
juveniles were taken into custody by Deputies after the vehicle rammed a patrol
vehicle. No injuries to either Deputy and all the juveniles were interviewed
with parents and released with charges. Evidence collected, and additional charges
being determined. Thanks to all who responded to assist with this case. Including
CRASH team.

Dec. 8

Circle, Male reported that his Christmas lights were cut within the last three
days. Unknown suspect.

Missiles at Vehicle/Criminal Mischief:
Highway 56/Weld County Road 7, Male
driver reported that two unknown males in a white van tailgated him on I25 and attempted
to hit his car. The passenger of the white van leaned out of the van and threw
an object at his vehicle causing minor damage to the trunk. Unable to retrieve
a plate for the van.

Dec. 9

Drove Under the Influence/Careless Driving/Drug Paraphernalia/***OFFICER SAFETY***: West County Road 8E, Male driver nearly hit a Parks Officer head on driving around Carter Lake. Male was suspected of being high on methamphetamine/heroin and refused roadsides. Inventory of the vehicle found 13 used hypodermic needles and many burglary tools. Passenger in the vehicle refused to identify herself and left the scene prior to vehicle inventory. Her Colorado ID was found in the car. Female turns out to be wanted and is believed to be staying near Carter Lake. Also, during vehicle inventory, numerous large knives and spent shell casings located. Male made numerous comments that he feels law enforcement is trying to intimidate him. Male is also a suspect in several property crimes that are currently being investigated in the Berthoud area.

Monday, Dec 10

Driving/Drove Under Restraint
: 10th Street – Male Driver was
contacted for reckless driving and was found to be revoked as a habitual
traffic offender. He was given a ride to jail to help set in that he shouldn’t
drive anymore.

Suspicious / Possible
: Massachusetts Avenue – Female reported receiving Facebook
messages from a Male two months ago. She claims that she willingly corresponded
with him until the conversation turned weird with him commenting that he wished
she wasn’t so much younger, and she was so beautiful. She stopped communicating
with him when the conversation turned strange. She blocked his account and has
not heard anything since. She decided to make a report today after learning
that the male was involved in another incident.

Tuesday, Dec. 11

Careless Driving
Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury
: Hwy 56/Weld County Road 3 – Female
driver didn’t see the car stopped in front of her that was making a turn and
rear ended them at approximately 65mph. Both drivers were transported to
different hospitals with multiple broken bones.

Wednesday, Dec. 12

Possible Harassment:
Mountain Avenue – Female wanted to report harassment involving her
ex-boyfriend. She moved out two months ago and has since been receiving messages
that to her seemed harassing. There are currently two protection orders that
have been modified to allow electronic contact and face to face contact with a
third party. The communication in the messages went back and forth and nothing
in the messages elevates to criminal harassment. Female advised that she is
working with her advocates on child custody and getting the protection orders
modified to go back to no contact.

Thursday, Dec. 13

Possession of
schedule II/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Drove Under Restraint/Warrant
Arrest x3:
County Road 19/Mountain Avenue – Female Driver and Male
Passenger were contacted on a motorist assist. Vehicle had no plates, and both
parties found to have warrants and were taken into custody. Vehicle search led
to paraphernalia being located, and the vehicle was towed. As the vehicle was
being towed a crown royal bag was found under the car with 6.7 grams of meth,
more needles, a scale and other drug items. Both parties booked at the Larimer
County Jail on the warrants and with new charges.

Found Marijuana:
Bein Park – A citizen found a container of Marijuana at the park. Logged for

Plates/Compliance Check
: Berthoud Parkway/Lake Avenue – Male was stopped
for fictitious plates, later determined that they were plates off his old
vehicle. Consent search led to the discovery of Marijuana and lots of knives.
The container had a Snapchat QR code on top, Male stated that he “home
grows” more follow up needed for possible compliance check and that he may
possibly be dealing Marijuana. Driver was given a warning for the traffic
violation. Male had an 8-inch knife tucked into the seat between the center

Friday, Dec. 14

Drove Under the
Influence/Drove Under Restraint/Obstructing the Roadway
: Highway 60/Highway
287 – Male Driver was stopped in the roadway, vehicle in gear, open containers,
and he was unconscious. He did not respond for 15 minutes and his vehicle was
pinched in by patrol cars before it was entered and rendered safe. Male refused
all testing and was booked into the Larimer County Jail. Thanks to the local
agencies that responded to assist.

Saturday, Dec. 15

Drove Under
Restraint/Possession of Drug Paraphernalia/Window Tint Violation
: 7th
Street/Bruce Drive – Male Driver was contacted for window tint and there was a
warrant associated with the vehicle he was driving. Male was the registered
owner and the warrant was for a female who was not in the vehicle at the time.
Male was arrested for license violations and upon a vehicle search drug
paraphernalia as well as a syringe with an unknown liquid inside was found. The
substance in the vehicle will be sent to the lab for testing.

Sunday, Dec. 16

Noise Violation: Pyramid Peak Street – Male and Female were involved in a heated argument over the others drinking issues. Nothing criminal today and they decided to let cooler heads prevail and separate for the day.

Dec. 18, 2018

2nd Degree
Arson/Setting Fire to Prairie or Woodlands – I-25 MM 248.5, A motorist observed
the white male driver of a dark forest green Ford F-150 extended cab pickup
truck with a topper and dark rims bearing Colorado plate launch what he
believed to be “roman candle” style fireworks out the passenger
window which started (5) separate grass fires along I-25 for a mile and a
half.  The truck continued past the Thornton
Pkwy at exit 119.  Vehicle registers to owner
with an address in Wellington.  Address
was blacked-out with no one there.  Bolo
sent to surrounding agencies.  Requesting
contact with suspect and interview and search of the vehicle through consent.
Investigation continues.

Criminal Mischief
– Victoria Dr. and County Road 15C – Residents reported unknown parties had
knocked their mailboxes off the post. Most likely linked to other similar cases
in the area.

Dec. 19, 2018

Warrant Arrest
– Boulder County contacted a male in Lyons with an active warrant valid in both
Boulder and Larimer. Male was transported to Berthoud and custody transferred
to LCSO.  He was then transported to the
jail without incident.

Detox hold
– Oak Dr. – Welfare check for elderly female, Daughter residing at the home was
highly intoxicated and taken to local hospital for Detox.

of vape concentrate – Massachusetts Ave – Juvenile brought vaping juice to
school which contained nicotine. Juvenile received a summons into municipal
court for the ordinance violation.

Vehicle Accident/Non-injury – Highway 287/Berthoud Parkway – Male thought his
light turned green so he drove through the intersection until he was broadsided
by a car who actually did have the green light. 
Multiple independent witnesses confirmed that he had a red light. Male
did not show signs of impairment, and he was summonsed.

Dec. 20, 2018

Degree Assault/At Risk Adult – Oak Dr – Spoke to Elderly female today as a
follow up to previous detox hold. Today female disclosed that her daughter was
hitting her while she was drunk. 
Completed a voluntary statement saying this. Daughter was located at
home and arrested for the Assault on an at-risk adult and Booked.

Vehicle Accident/Hit and Run – 1st St./Mountain Ave – Female was delivering
pizza for pizza hut when she was hit in the round-a-bout at 1st and
mountain.  The other vehicle never
stopped.  Teletype sent to Longmont Police
to try and contact the run vehicle registered owner.

Detox Hold
– Bruce St. – Female was asked to leave the house by a landlord and proceeded
to walk down the street screaming that she was Jesus and wanting to know if President
Trump got her tweet.  She admitted to
recent meth use and was not able to care for herself.  Transported to Local Hospital and placed on a
detox hold.

Dec. 21, 2018

Theft – Massachusetts
Ave – Juvenile took an Apple iPad from a classroom and was taking selfies on
the bus. Another Juvenile saw this him with the stolen iPad and confiscated it
for the Owner. The Juvenile was issued a summons and released to his mother.

Dec. 22, 2018

Warrant – Mountain
Avenue – Male had a warrant for failing to comply out of Boulder County and
failed to register out of Larimer County.

Vehicle Accident/Hit & Run – Mountain Avenue – Female was parked at Hayes Market.  She came outside and 2 good Samaritans
approached her to say that a vehicle hit her car and left the scene.  They were able to take a picture of the
vehicle which they gave to her.  The
vehicle listed to another address in Berthoud. Contact with the owner was successful,
and juvenile was driving but after the crash the kid got into the back seat and
an adult drove away from the scene. Summons issued

Animal Welfare
– Berthoud Animal Hospital called in a concern about an animal needing follow
up vet care. Cat had a possible obstruction, though an x-ray was inconclusive,
and the cat was provided limited treatment on 122118. Spoke with cats owners who
was upset about the cat being sick and stated that they are trying to get money
together for the proper treatment.  They
were turned away from multiple vet clinics for not having money (confirmed by Vet)
and the treatment for the cat is quoted at $1400 (surgery to remove
obstruction).  Follow up was completed by
Berthoud squad and learned the cat was treated at a Vet clinic in Denver and is
expected to survive with proper care for pancreatitis.

Dec. 23, 2018

Under the Influence – HWY 56/Weld county Road 5 – Male was contacted at the intersection.
He had parked his vehicle in the middle of Highway 56. He was booked into Weld County

Dec 24, 2018

death – Franklin Ave. – Female suffered from numerous health issues and was
pronounced deceased on a medical call. Investigations was notified, and she was
released to a funeral home at family request.

Dec. 25, 2018

Merry Christmas
to all and to all a good night!

Dec. 26, 2018

– Franklin Ave. – Female and Male were involved in a disturbance in the dining
room. Both parties were separated and a safety plan was put in place.

problems – Great Basin Ct. – Female was in the process of moving out of the
house after breaking up with her boyfriend. Male began throwing clothing items
from the 2nd floor to the 1st floor. Not enough information for charges and both
parties were separated for the night.

Driving After
Revocation/No Proof of Insurance/Turn Violation – County Road 4E/Highway 287 –
Male was stopped for a traffic violation. His license was revoked and the vehicle
did not have insurance. Passenger was also revoked as a Habitual Traffic
Offender. Vehicle was towed due to no one being able to pick up the vehicle.
Vehicle search led to an old used needle which was located under the window
controls on the driver’s side. Driver was Booked into Jail.

Dec. 27, 2018

Vehicle Accident/Non-injury – Canyonlands – Male reported that an insulation
van hit his parked vehicle as it was leaving a job site. Both drivers contacted
with paint transfer on the side of the work truck and insulation driver was
unaware that he had hit the other vehicle. Both were parked on job site.
Private property exchange of information and documentation.

Assist to Johnstown
Police – Juvenile male took his parents vehicle and drove to Grace Place Cafe.
He and his girlfriend were contacted and cooperative. He was turned over to Johnstown
for charges and Girlfriend was given courtesy ride to Fort Collins.

Follow up/Criminal
Mischief/Domestic Violence – Great Basin Court – During a civil standby related
to previous night’s family problems call. It was discovered that the male used
a knife and stabbed and cut females coat into pieces. Male was booked.

1st Degree
Trespass/Theft – Jay Place – Male reported that his vehicle was entered and two
firearms (9mm pistol and AR15 rifle) were stolen sometime between over the last
few days. Male does not have the serial numbers for the firearms. No damage to
the vehicle. Evidence collected.

Vehicle Theft
– Mountain Avenue – Male reported that a 2015 Cherokee camper trailer was
stolen from a job site between 122018 and 122518.  He did not know the license plate or VIN, but
will call back when he finds those numbers. 
No suspects and no cameras in the area.

Dec. 28, 2018

Check – Munson Ct. – New homeowners were contacted and stated that they have lived
at the house since August and the male we were looking for was the previous
resident.  Documented and forwarded to Offender
Registration Unit.

– Franklin Ave. – Female called to report a verbal argument between two males who
were roommates. Male became mad and started yelling at roommate because he was
talking and making noise. Cognitive ability in both is impaired and neither
respond appropriately. Female is working to get subjects removed due to the
issues they have caused. Both subjects have been separated, and no criminal
charges could be substantiated.

Family Problems
– West CR10E – Male called police to report a disturbance, but changed his mind
and stopped answering the phone on call back. On arrival at the residence male
was contacted in the driveway along with a female subject. Male admitted to
being in an argument, and destroying his house after they both had been
drinking. Female also had marks on her neck, but she refused to cooperate with
the investigation into the disturbance. The interior of the home had several
thousand dollars’ worth of damage. Female declined medical treatment and was
very uncooperative throughout the investigation. The scene and both parties
were photographed, and written statements collected. The case will be screened
with the District Attorney to pursue possible charges despite female not being

Dec. 29, 2018

Fraud by Check
– Fox Drive – Male had a check stolen sometime after it was mailed. The
previous information on the check was whited-out and it was rewritten to an Logistics
LLC for a different dollar amount. Male’s signature was forged, and the check
was then deposited into a Federal Credit Union account in Virginia. The bank
has refunded the male’s money, and charges are pending suspect identification.

Third Degree
Assault/Domestic Violence/Obstruction of Phone Service – 7th Street – Male
called 911 to report his wife had struck him after a verbal argument in their
home over breakfast. Minor injury to Male and female was booked.

Dec. 30, 2018

Criminal Mischief/Tampering
– Mountain Avenue – Female owner reported an unknown person damaged her Christmas
lights by removing some of the bulbs and cutting the plugs off some of the
strands. No suspects.

Monday, December

  Lake Avenue, a
business was concerned because an employee had a really bad feeling about a
blue pick-up that was parked in front of the business on Friday evening about
closing time and then a similar pick up was parked in the lot away from the business
today. It did not appear as if the occupants had any official business with the
companies that share this parking lot. The pick up today was an older model
blue dodge pick-up with something covering the rear passenger side window.  Vehicle was gone upon arrival.

Animal Problem:  Lissa Drive, a resident made a report about two
dogs, one big and one little… are outside before the sun is up and up till
11pm. no shelter, no food or water, no blankets. Upon deputy’s contact, the dogs
were inside with a juvenile female. Dogs appear healthy. Female explained to me
that they are outside at times. I explained shelter requirements and left a
business card for the female’s parents to call the deputy when they return.

Arson:  Pioneer Park, suspect(s) left a plywood board
with numerous exploded fireworks on it, the fireworks were still burning when deputy
arrived. (When does school get back in?) 
Berthoud Fire extinguished the fire.

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