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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: February 2019

February 1-10

Friday, February 1

Mental Health: Urban Place, a man
called in a welfare check on his wife after a verbal argument between them
which resulted in her shutting herself in a closet.  

Aggravated Motor Vehicle Theft X2 / Warrant
Rancho Way., a 16-year-old Berthoud boy was contacted at this location
in connection with the stolen vehicle earlier. Taken to the HUB and charged.

Saturday, February 2

Lost/Stolen License Plate: E Hwy 56 a
resident reported the license plate either fell off her vehicle or it was stolen
somewhere between Berthoud and Bennett Colorado.

Driving under the Influence of Drugs: Mountain
Avenue, a 27-year-old man was contacted for “huffing” compressed air
gas duster cans in his vehicle in the parking lot. When he was contacted, he
was asleep in the driver’s seat of the vehicle, while the vehicle was running,
and the gear shift was between drive and neutral.  He was arrested for DUI.

2nd Degree Kidnapping: Meadowlark, a
woman was working when a customer asked for a ride to his car down the road
because he claimed it ran out of gas. He drove the employee’s car with her in
the passenger seat. He continued to drive out of town while she wanted him to
stop and let her out. He stopped somewhere in Longmont and put her phone in a
mailbox, so the government could not track him. They made it to the Sheridan
Hotel in Denver, and he walked into a large ball room full of high school
cheerleaders and told them that he had a gun and was not going to leave until 7
news arrived. He was taken into custody by Denver PD, and he was armed. Investigations
notified and is an ongoing investigation.

Suspicious Circumstances: 6th St and
Turner Ave. two 10-year-old boys reported seeing a small black SUV stop in
the area and the passenger, a tall white male with grey hair wearing all black
and a fedora got out while holding a briefcase and a gun. 

Sunday, February 3

Stolen Vehicle Recovery / Follow Up: 7th
St, BER – Both stolen vehicles were recovered from this case. Over the
last three days three juveniles were taken into custody and were booked at

Vehicle Crash: Ten Gallon Drive, 2
residents were backing out at the same time and ran into each other.

Monday, February 4

Berthoud Parkway and Spartan Avenue, the windows of two pieces of
heavy equipment were shot and shattered by what appear to be pellet or BB

Scam: 7th
Street, a resident reported that she received a phone call from someone
claiming to be from Xcel Energy demanding payment or her gas would be shut off.
They gave her an 800 number to call with questions. She called the 800 number
that was listed on her last bill and they advised her it was a scam. She is not
out any money.

Tuesday, February 5

E. Turner Avenue, responded
to a report of a garage on fire and when the deputy arrived the garage was
engulfed. The deputy went around the house to make sure no one was inside. The
deputy found the homeowner’s dog and brought it to his patrol vehicle and put
him inside to stay safe and warm. Homeowner was not at home when the fire

Theft: Mountain
Avenue, two young juveniles were caught shoplifting from Hays Market, stealing
Benadryl to as they put it, “to get a buzz”. Summons issued and released to
their parents. SRO and school notified since both juveniles were out for lunch.
Both were trespassed from Hays Market for Life. Life without Hays? The world might as well
stop and let me off!

Theft: Mountain
Avenue, a 14-year-old left his bicycle at a friend’s and when he went back to
get his bike, it was missing. This exact
same thing happened to Pee Wee Herman

Wednesday, February 6

Crash /
Minor Injury: Hwy 56 /
Weld County Road 7, a driver was northbound on Weld CR 7 travelling too fast
for the snowy conditions and was not able to stop at Hwy 56, she struck the
rear of a west bound truck on Hwy 56, knocking the truck off into a field. She was

Vehicle Crash
/ Property Damage
: 700 block of Hwy 287, a female driver stated that while
traveling south bound on highway 287 her vehicle began to lose control on the
icy road and ran off the right side of the roadway. She said she struck a light
or utility pole and came to a stop.

Fraud (Scam): Columbine Circle, a resident
reported over the past 2 days he sent approximately $24,000.00 to a female
named “Ashley” who presented herself as an IRS federal agent under
the pretense that he had been a victim of identity theft. She told him, if he
sent her all his money, she could hold it for one month to protect him from
further fraud. He sent almost $24,000 in cash through the US mail to a New York
address. This sounds very strange. The
IRS wanting your money?

Thursday, February 7

Assist / Assault / Vehicle Crash – Hit
and Run:
Capitol Reef Court, a resident was involved in a hit and run in
Boulder. The man assaulted the other driver causing serious injury then fled. The
resident’s wife was contacted at the residence and extensively lied about her
husband’s whereabouts and her involvement. He refused to turn himself in until
coming back from a conference. Let’s hope
the conference is about Anger Management

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Munson Court,
a resident reported that his camper was hit sometime in the last 24 hours. His
camper and truck were parked on 8th St.

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: Hwy 56,
at 2:30 in the afternoon a driver was traveling westbound on Highway 56 and as
he put it, he was “trying to get the last squirt from his windshield wiper
fluid” when he ran into the rear of a tanker truck turning into an oil
site. He said the truck did not have brake lights. How would he know when the deputy stated, “His windshield was extremely

Friday, February 8

Dog Bite: E. Turner Avenue, a man was
working at this address when he saw two dogs running in the neighborhood, one
of the dogs ran up to him and bit his hand. The bite did not break the skin. A dog will never bite the hand that feeds
him. Guess he should have given him a treat.

Saturday, February 9

Assist to Medical: A man took three
bottles of his anti-psychotic medications in an overdose suicide attempt.
Transported to the hospital.

Assist to Medical: Quandary
Avenue. a resident became unresponsive in his home. Paramedics were performing
CPR and he had a pulse and he was coughing before being transported to the
hospital. Thoughts and Prayers.

Sunday, February 10

Suspicious / Possible Theft: Welch Avenue, a woman reported that her wallet and cell phone were stolen from the bar. The suspect was found using her phone’s GPS. The suspect returned the wallet and cell phone. She stated that she was highly impaired when she found the wallet and phone on the bar and thought the items were her daughter-in-law’s property, so she took it home.

February 11 – 17

Monday, February 11

Possession of Marijuana and
Drug Paraphernalia by a Juvenile:
Spartan Ave, a 15-year-old student was under
the influence of suspected THC wax. A vape pen used to smoke wax was recovered.
Inside the pen was marijuana wax. Student medically cleared and released to his
father on a summons.

Scam: 1st Street, a resident received a letter from “DotService”
stating he was past due on filing his USDOT update for his trucking company. USDOT
was contacted and stated the letter was a scam.

Criminal Mischief: CR17 / Spartan Avenue, a window on
a Cat Bulldozer was shot out sometime over the weekend. There was also graffiti
on the old barn in the field. 

Theft: Sugarloaf Road, a resident called to report
his patio furniture stolen off the front porch.

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Highway 287 Mile Marker
325, a driver reported that a Silver Honda CRV side-swiped him then drove away.
The run vehicle was located a block away from the driver’s address with damage.
Charges pending.

Tuesday, February

Warrant Arrest: S CR 15, a 35-year-old Berthoud man, who
is a frequent flier with us was contacted and arrested for an outstanding

Wednesday, February 13

Theft: Hollyberry Street, a resident reported that
two packages were stolen from his porch.

Mental Health Hold: Redwood Circle, a 62-year-old man
sent emails to Berthoud High School that rose to the level of placing him on a mental
health hold for “Danger to Others”. This has been a several year-long issue and
yesterday the high school canceled an event for the safety of the students.

Mental Health: Franklin Avenue, staff called stating a
68-year-old man was agitated, throwing things and making threats to shoot
staff. Upon arrival, the story seemed very different. Nothing presented that
any crime was committed. Staff was advised the importance of accurate reporting
to dispatch.

Disturbance: Berthoud
Skate Park,areport came in stating that a group of 6 boys at the park
kicking/punching another kid. Kids are possibly middle school aged. The kid
getting hit is still on the ground, possibly moving. All the kids were checked
out and OK “just messing around”. That’s what the seniors said in my high
school right before they stuck my head in the toilet, “just messing around”.

Thursday, February 14

Vehicle Crash / Hit and Run: Berthoud
Pkwy and Woodcock St, a driver reported a hit and run. Run vehicle is a red
4-door sedan with damage to passenger side. He said he was side swiped after a
road rage. The crash occurred on cr17 between the 2 roundabouts.

Return Runaway: 3rd Street, a juvenile boy was found in Longmont during a high
risk stop by Longmont Police. He was returned home by Longmont Police.

Domestic Violence / Criminal Mischief: Ellie Way, original
call was possible assault to a female and parental kidnapping, after
investigation it was determined the female was the primary aggressor, she
damaged property and threw a butcher block with knives still in it at her
husband. She was booked.

Friday, February 15

Burglary / Criminal Mischief: Potomac Court, unknown
suspects entered a home that was under construction, caused damage and left
behind graffiti on the concrete walls of the foundation.

Runaway: 3rd Street, the juvenile boy that was
brought home by Longmont PD ran away 45 minutes after he was returned home last
night. He was supposedly picked up by the same kid he was with when Longmont
Police found him.

Harassment: 2nd
Street, a resident is receiving threatening texts from an acquaintance. The
resident initially bought mushrooms from this guy (about 2 months ago) who
lives down the road from him. The shroom dealer gave them to him as a gift but
then he decided he wanted him to pay up. The resident stated that the texts now
state the man is going to beat the resident up if he doesn’t pay in the next 24
hours. The resident is concerned he’s going to get in trouble regarding the
mushrooms though and he’s been clean since them. Best way to not get into this
situation is don’t do shrooms.

Saturday, February 16

Animal Problem: 7th
Street, a resident thinks there could be possible animal abuse occurring at the
neighbor’s house (above address). He thinks the dog is left outside in the cold
often. Today it’s just howling.

Sunday, February 17

Berthoud Parkway, a resident reported his ex-girlfriend is refusing to leave
the property. He says he moved here so that she couldn’t find him, but she
showed up anyway. She was advised to leave or face charges. A man can run from
a scorned woman, but he cannot hide.

Suspicious Circumstances: Tabor Street, a man called and said his wife called him scared because there were 2 males aggressively knocking on her door. The men were located and contacted, and they are salespeople for Ecomark Solar. They were in a marked vehicle and wearing uniforms. They had their city of Ft Collins sales permit and they were advised that they needed to get their town of Berthoud solicitor’s permit and told they need to leave town until they get one. Aggressively knocking on my door is not a good way to get me to buy anything!

Monday, February

Burglary / Theft: S.
CR 13, a resident called to report that the waste water treatment plant was burglarized,
and items taken. Not a place I would choose to break into, but to each his own.

8th Street, a resident called in reporting they
see an orange glow in the new homes on the north side of the high school and
thinks it may be a fire. Deputies discovered there are propane heaters in some
of the buildings to dry the paint and drywall faster. That’s a good way to get
the fire department there faster also.

Tuesday, February

Fraud / Scam /
Attempted Theft:
Capital Ave. a resident received a call from someone
claiming to be her grandson needing $3000. After she questioned him, he hung up
on her. She said the caller was definitely not her grandson. She is not out any
money and did not give any personal information. She probably asked him
where he got such a strong accent.

Disturbance: Hawg
Hollow Lane, a mother called and reported her 42-year-old daughter out of
controls and threw something that hit mom in the eye. Daughter’s boyfriend
holding her down on the ground because she kept hitting him. The daughter went
to jail uncooperative and met the Special Uncooperative Squad when she got
there which is not a pleasant experience.

Wednesday, February

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage:
E Hwy 56, BER (Loves), a truck driver had a medical
emergency and his semi-truck rolled into another semi damaging both vehicles. The
driver was transported to the hospital.

Disturbance: Woodcock
Street, neighbors reported that there was a male in this apartment yelling
profanity and slamming doors. Upon arrival, deputies could hear a man yelling
slamming things inside the house. The male opened the door, still yelling and
uncooperative with deputies. He claimed that he was upset about the dog waste
in the yard. That’s just poopy!

Thursday, February

Theft / Criminal
Mount Meeker Street and 5th Street, a contracting company had two
buckets stolen off of bulldozers and a hydraulic line damaged on another.

Cooperland Blvd, a delivery driver was driving to this
housing development; as he was passing a house, a male in a blue hoodie and a
backpack was crawling into a basement window of a house. The resident stated
that construction workers are finishing their basement and they go in through
the basement window to avoid the dogs.

Berthoud Pkwy and Grand Market., a driver reported that he
thinks his car was struck in a hit-and-run incident at this round-a-bout. His
vehicle has minor scratches on the front bumper. The run vehicle was later located
in Loveland. There was no damage to this vehicle at all. The driver of this
vehicle said there was almost an accident in this round-a-bout, but the
vehicles never touched.

Missing Child: Glacier
Avenue,a resident reported her 2-1/2
-year-old nephew is missing. they have searched the house but have not found
him. 9 deputies responded to help search for the child. As everyone was
searching outside, School Resource Officer Mosley decided to check inside the
house one more time and the child was located hiding in a closet and OK.

Assault / Domestic Violence
/ Child Abuse
: 2nd Street, an agitated male called 911, said he
needed cops immediately saying, “they assaulted me”. When dispatch asked him to
repeat the address, he hung up on them. The man was ultimately arrested for
assaulting his wife with his children present.

Friday, February

Vehicle Crash /
N Berthoud Pkwy and Hwy 287, a driver reported that a vehicle hit
her vehicle when it was trying to merge after the turn from 287 onto Berthoud
Pkwy. She was able to get a license plate. Driver of the run vehicle was
contacted by phone. He admitted to driving and said he felt a “nick”
but did not think he had damage to his vehicle and didn’t think the other
person had damage either. He was informed otherwise.

Vehicle Crash /
Bunyan Ave, a woman was driving her sister’s car and parked it on
Bunyan Avenue in front of the elementary school while she went to work inside. She
came outside and found damage to the driver side front wheel well. Initial
suspect was ruled out because the damage did not come close to matching up. It
appears that someone backed into or struck the vehicle from the side at low

Disturbance: Nicholson
Street, this address is the sales office and there is a very angry woman there complaining
about a lien that was placed on her house because the builder did not pay a
contractor, and she was refusing to leave. She was educated on how to speak to
someone in a civil manner and allowed to leave on her own.

Saturday, February

Water Ave, a suspicious vehicle was seen at Northern Colorado
Water Conservancy District. 4-6 people were taking pictures, including
close-ups of the front door area. Through video an employee shot out of a
window it was determined that the vehicle had a Tennessee license plate. The
plate came back to a student at CU who is studying architectural design.

Mental Health Issue:
Hwy 287 and Berthoud Pkwy, a 73-year-old Arvada woman was taken to the hospital
after calling in to dispatch because she was lost and did not know where she was,
and her car had broken down. She was very confused and has mental health
history. I can relate, my some-timers has advanced to most-timers.

Damaged Private
Biscayne Court, a 21-year-old man got angry with his mom and
punched a wall in his room. He was issued a summons.

Vehicle Crash: Berthoud
Pkwy and Grand Market, driver going through the round-a-bout took it a little
wide and took out a yield sign with his car.

Sunday, February

Burglary / Possession of Schedule I Drugs: Bimson Ave, a resident came home yesterday and found several things out of place and/or turned off that should have been on. He suspects his ex-girlfriend who has 4 felony warrants and the suspect in a burglary of this residence involving missing firearms. There were loaded heroin needles hidden in the drawer where her clothing is still located (some of her clothes were also missing). 

February 25 – 28

Monday, February

Stolen Vehicle
Recovery / Fraud / Theft:
Wrangell Lane, a resident bought a 2019 Chevy
Silverado for $21000 through a craigslist ad. The suspect drove the vehicle to
Loveland, from California, and sold him the Chevy. The resident stated that the
suspect had the title and they had paperwork notarized to complete the sale. The
resident had a VIN inspection and registered the vehicle in Boulder County. The
vehicle was entered as stolen by Bakersfield, California Police Department. Their
suspect rented the vehicle from Enterprise and never returned it. The resident
had the vehicle for close to two weeks. OnStar was used to locate the vehicle
and shut the vehicle down.

Vehicle Crash / Hit and
900 block of Mountain Ave (Hays Market Parking Lot), a vehicle backed
into a parked vehicle, suspect got out, looked and then drove off; witness
stayed on scene until owner came out of store.

Tuesday, February

Follow-Up Vehicle
Crash / Hit and Run:
900 block of Mountain Ave, yesterday’s run driver was
located on Navajo Place and received a summons. 

Vehicle Crash / Hit and
Berthoud Pkwy / Woodcock St, a driver was attempting to pass someone
in the outside lane at the roundabout…that person tried to cut the corners at
the roundabout striking her vehicle. The other car initially stopped, but then
drove off.

DUI: North CR
15C, a driver was riding a scooter on Cedar Drive going the wrong direction on
a one-way roadway. He was located after he crashed his scooter on N CR 15C.
Arrested for Driving Under the Influence (DUI). Booked.

Wednesday, February

Scam: 10th St, a
resident reported receiving a phone call from a “laboratory” that
needed her name, birth date and Medicare number. The caller called from a
number of 660-236-8651. She did provide the scammer her information, but so far,
she isn’t out any money.

Polluting: 3rd St
/ Mountain Ave, an unknown party dumped an unknown amount of diesel fuel down
the storm drain. Town of Berthoud Streets Department responded to handle the

Health Hold:
Street, a person was having suicidal thoughts and was transported to the
hospital and placed on a mental health hold.

Thursday, February

: 7th Street, a mother reported that her 13-year-old
son was hanging out with one of his friends. The friend’s dad drove his son and
her son to Longmont and then to Weld County without her permission.

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