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Monday, May 27, 2024

Berthoud Police Blotter: March 2019

Friday, March 1

Welfare Check: 4th
Street, a person got a call from a Berthoud Resident at this address. She is
telling them that there was a pipe in the middle of the street and that she
went and got it and brought it to the side of the road. she won’t go back in
the house and her caregiver is not on scene. She was cleared by medical.

Saturday, March 2

Third Degree Assault
/ Domestic Violence:
Chilcott St. a 48-year-old Ft. Collins woman had an
altercation with Berthoud resident. During this altercation the woman scratched
the resident multiple times while he was holding her down to prevent her from
hitting him. We brought her back to Ft. Collins,
but she did not go home, she was booked into jail.

4th Street, a resident reported a few days ago that her
neighbor was breaking in to her apartment when she wasn’t home and having sex
in her bed.

: Tabor Street, a call came stating there were 2 or 3 young
males ringing doorbells and running away. It was snowing so foot tracks were
easy to follow. Two 20-year-old and a 19-year-old were located and
identified. A little old for ding-dong ditching.

Sunday, March 3

Family Problems /
Rabbit Run Lane, a father and his son got into a physical
disturbance at which point the son hit his dad in the head with a lamp. The son
was arrested and brought to the HUB.

Bunyan, a female showed up drunk and was saying that she couldn’t stay at her
house and wasn’t making sense. The woman’s husband advised he just got his wife
out of detox a couple days ago and she is back to drinking again and he doesn’t
want to be around it. It was determined that she was a grave danger to herself
due to her level of intoxication and she could not find anyone willing to care
for her, she was transported to the hospital on a detox hold.

Harassment: Colorado Avenue, a resident reported to the Larimer County Communications center and reported that she was being harassed by a 14-year-old Berthoud boy over Snapchat. She told me that the boy used to be friends with her son. She stated that today the boy sent her a message on Snapchat stating that if her son ever goes to his house again, he would hit him in the face with a baseball bat. The woman went over to the boy’s house and spoke with the boy’s father about it. She said that the 14-year-old told her that he can do whatever he wants to because he owns this town. Well Mr. 14-year-old your payments due and we are foreclosing!

Monday, March 4

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage: 1
300 BLK Woodcock St, a driver slid while making the turn
onto Woodcock Street from the apartment complex striking a parked car. Summoned
into muni court.

Child Abuse X2 /
Reckless Driving / Crash:
20400 BLK SE Frontage Rd., a driver was traveling
northbound on the frontage road, rear ending a stopped vehicle. The driver’s
two unrestrained children were in the back seat, one being thrown into the
front dash/windshield. The other thrown into the back of the passenger seat.

Reckless Driving: Loves
Travel, 3800 East Hwy 56, a truck driver was backing his semi into a parking
space at Loves, he alleges a car was blocking the way, so he decided to bang on
the hood of the car. When the driver of the car exited his vehicle, the truck
driver drove forward toward him, which led the him to believe he was about to
be run over. Cited.

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage / Possible Fraud:
Highway 287 at MM 327, a driver slid
on the ice, crossed the median and struck another vehicle. The driver may also
have purchased the insurance after the accident. You know the beginning date is
on your insurance card, right?

Runaway Juvenile: Columbine
Circle, a stepdad reported that his 17-year-old stepson ran away at approximately
10:00. He did not have a phone and multiple calls to his friends did not
produce any leads.

Tuesday, March 5

Juvenile Problem:
8th Street and Spartan Avenue, a report came in stating there are a
bunch of kids carelessly riding their bikes in the middle of the road at this
intersection and there is a s curve that is blind to drivers and are causing
traffic issues.

Wednesday, March 6

Trespass / Felony
Common Dr., a man went to the above
address to confront his former employer over an issue that their two kids were
having. He refused to leave the house when told to do so he pulled a knife
after he was pushed by the home owner.

Thursday, March 7

Vehicle Crash / With Injury:
S. 5th Street and Canyonlands Street, a driver was coming to a stop on
Canyonlands Street at S. 5th Street at a stop sign while pedestrian was
crossing in the crosswalk. The driver stated the sun was in his eyes and he did
not see the pedestrian, his vehicle struck her and knocked her to the ground hitting
her head on the asphalt and was transported to the hospital. Prayers and

Assault: Welch
Avenue, a resident was punched in the face multiple times by her ex-boyfriend’s
17-year-old daughter when they got into an argument. Citation issued

Friday, March 8

Vehicle Crash / No
Hwy 56 and County Line Road, a driver on County Line Road stopped
at the stop sign at Hwy 56. He then continued and pulled out in front of a
vehicle going west on Hwy 56.

Displaying a Weapon: 2nd
Street and Mountain Avenue, an 18-year-old man had his face painted like an Insane
Clown Posse Clown and was displaying an ax, knife, and a chrome pistol in the
park for a “photo shoot” using a cell phone camera. Summons issued.

Disorderly Conduct X2:
Kansas Ave and Canyonlands Street, a 14 and 15-year-old boys were involved
in a mutual fight in this intersection. There were several kids hanging out
watching the fight. The gangs all over to watch Friday Night Fights. The two
boys were issued a summons.

Saturday, March 9

Found Property: 2nd
Street, a resident reported that he found a wallet on the ground at the Hwy 34
/ I-25 park and ride. Wallet belongs to a Denver man.

 Found Property:
2nd Street, a resident found a bag with driver’s license and personal
information by his storage unit in Berthoud. This property belongs to a
Denver man.

6th Street, a resident reported a male walked to his front
door while holding what appeared to be a knife or screwdriver in his right
hand. He has never seen this male before. The male saw the security camera then
turned around and walked away. 

Traffic Problem: 3rd
Street and Mountain. The railroad crossing arms were stuck down, and traffic
had to be diverted until BNSF arrived to fix it. I guess the long arm of the
law has nothing compared to the long arm of the railroad.

Welch Avenue, a very intoxicated woman called 911 to report
she was threatened by people that were outside. Her friend and sister were there
to help get her home.

Sunday, March 10

Harassment / Domestic Violence: CR 15C, a man pushed and kicked his wife and the incident was caught on cell phone video. Booked

March 11 to 17

Monday, March 11

Harassment: Carner
Court. a resident called to report that she was still having issues with her
neighbor. She said he often flips her off and calls her derogatory names and
she is fed up.

Schedule II Drug / Eluding / Driving Under Revocation:
2nd St and
Mountain Av, a Berthoud woman was contacted for expired plates. She attempted
to elude the deputy but eventually stopped. Her driver’s license was later
found to be revoked habitual. K9 Negan alerted and a search of the car yielded
methamphetamine that was found in the driver’s purse. Booked.

Spilled Load On
Hwy 287 and CR8, a Dacono man was hauling two couches in the back
of his truck. One flew out of the truck and landed on the highway. Another
driver was unable to avoid hitting it, causing minor damage to her vehicle. The
Dacono man was issued a citation. Q: how did you damage your car? A: I hit a
couch. Q: why were you driving in the living room?

Tuesday, March 12

DUI: Hwy 287 and
CR 10E, Deputy observed a jeep in the center median. A 20-year-old Loveland man
was contacted while standing by the Jeep. He was found to be very intoxicated. Booked.

Candice Court, a resident was in her workout room when she heard
rapid tapping that sounded like someone tapping on window. She looked out the
window and there were knocked over items in her yard. Her neighbor also heard
the tapping and came to her house. She was told that there were reported gun
shots in the area and asked if the tapping could have been related, and then
mentioned that the items were upright an hour ago and that the motion detectors
were going on and off.

Family Problems: 6th
Street, a mother who lives in Golden is requesting a deputy go to the address
to see if her 17-year-old son is there. She thinks it’s possible that her son
is at her ex-husband’s girlfriend’s house in Berthoud. She only knew the
girlfriends name and did not have an address. (dispatch found the address). Mom
said that her son was being disrespectful to her, so she told him he had to
pack his things and go live with his dad. She advised she just wants to know
her son is ok.

Wednesday, March

Snow Day: Most of
the day was helping motorists with several slide off’s and crashes and those who
said to themselves “the weather doesn’t look that bad, I’ll make it”. Well,
they didn’t make it!

Vehicle Crash –
Property Damage / Possible DUI:
Hwy 287 and Berthoud Pkwy, a call came in
as a hit and run and people on scene maintained that story throughout the
contact. Evidence on scene points to their vehicle hit the traffic light pole
at that intersection. One man stated that there was a male driver who hit them
and then drove off. The other man in the car stated that it was a female driver
that ran. Both parties on scene were extremely intoxicated. 

DUI: East Hwy 56,
a 31-year-old California woman was contacted stuck in the snow. Blinding snow
storm, drunk, slick roads, what could happen? Booked at Weld County Jail.

Thursday, March 14

Property Damage: 1st
Street, a resident advised that his car was stopped at the intersection of Keep
Circle and 1st Street and that his windshield was busted out by snow and debris
when the snow plow went by. This should have been followed by a snow ball
fight, loser pays for the windshield.

Friday, March 15

Warrant / Fictitious
Mountain Ave, a man was contacted for plates that had an expiration
tab from 2014. The plates did not belong to his vehicle and he had a warrant. Plates
seized, summonsed on traffic charges, booked on warrant. 

Minor in Possession
5th Street, a 13-year-old female
found highly intoxicated on the school playground. Transported to the hospital
for treatment.

Saturday, March 16 

Family Problems: Berthoud
Town Hall,a resident’s ex-husband,
was supposed to exchange kids yesterday at Westminster PD. The ex-husband
didn’t show, so Westminster PD helped arrange for them to meet at 10:00 today
at Berthoud Town Hall. The ex-called to say he would be 1/2 hour late, but still
has not shown. It was explained that she would need to file a motion with the
courts that her ex is violating the agreement.

Traffic Problem: 4th
Street andMountain Avenue, by the
restaurant, someone has piled branches in the handicap parking which makes it
not accessible at all. Berthoud Streets Department picked up the branches. If
they are your branches, please contact the sheriff’s office so we can have a
little chat for going out on a limb.

Sunday, March 17

Attempt to Locate / Missing Person: S 8th Street, a man was called in by his wife after an argument and text message that said she might be better off if he were no longer around. The man later called his wife and family once he got out of the movie he went to watch to clear his head. A good head cleaning at the movies is only effective with movie popcorn.

March 18 to 24

Monday, March 18

Vehicle Crash: Hwy
56 and I-25, a driver from Greeley ran into the back of another vehicle. That
driver was issued a summons for Following too Close.

Felony Warrant Arrest:
Welch Avenue, a Berthoud man had an outstanding felony and misdemeanor
warrant for his arrest. He was arrested and booked into the Larimer County Jail
on both warrants.        

Found Property:
Woodcock Street, a resident found a small safe that was damaged. The owner, of
the safe moved to Florida and was contacted by phone. Process is being
discussed on how to get his safe and contents back to him.

Assault / Domestic
Welch Avenue, a resident and his wife were involved in a verbal
argument. He hit her in the face with his hat and spit in her face. Booked.

Civil: Mountain
Avenue., a resident reported that she and her husband agreed to sell tires to another
person. That person claimed that the tires were a payment for a past tire deal.
Both parties agreed to meet tomorrow and come to an agreement. I’m getting
tired of this call.

Tuesday, March 19

Traffic Issue: Hwy
287 and Hwy 60, a report was made by several drivers of a man who was
tailgating dangerously. That driver was located and contacted. The man told the
deputy he was tailgating because everyone was driving 10 miles an hour under
the speed limit. Nice try Bud but everyone that has driven on Hwy 287 will tell
you NO ONE goes 10 miles an hour under the speed limit.

Wednesday, March

Theft / ID Theft /
At-Risk Adult:
Redwood Circle, a 96-year old resident had $38,070 stolen
from her account with forged checks. The suspect was identified as a grandson. Warrant
to come.

Franklin Avenue, a resident wanted to relay a message from
his neighbor. There was a man in the backyard easement about 1:30am. The
subject was holding dog food and when the neighbor saw him, he ran.

Thursday, March 21

10th Street, 2 teenagers called to report a man
rang the doorbell then climbed a ladder to the roof and was walking around on
the roof. The man then climbed down, got in his vehicle and left. According to
dad it was the man from the insurance company looking at the roof for damage.

Arson: Monroe Avenue,
a resident’s mailbox was blown up by a large firework. The suspect vehicle was
a black sedan.

Vehicle Crash: 3rd
Street and Mountain Avenue, a driver backed into another vehicle that was
driving down the road causing minor damage.

Mental Health Hold: RR
tracks, a man suffers from several mental health issues. He left home tonight
and was found on the railroad tracks by 3rd St and Bunyan. He stated
that he was waiting for a train to end all of his problems. Transported to the

Driving Under
Restraint (Revoked):
3800 E. Hwy 56 (Love’s Travel Center), a 32-year old
driver was found driving on a revoked license. Summonsed into Weld Court.

 Driving under
restraint (suspended):
3800 E. Hwy 56 (Love’s Travel Center), a 32-year old
driver was found driving on a suspended license. Summonsed into Weld Court.

: Jefferson and 10th Street, a resident reported he
heard two loud bang noises. He said that he was not sure what it was but
thought it may have been gun shots. He said that shortly after that, a small
dark colored sedan without its lights on sped through the neighborhood towards
Spartan. From there he did not know what direction the car went. Could be
related to the arson call.

: 2nd Street, a report came in stating there is a
male doing pushups in the street near the railroad tracks. Subject was
transported to the hospital.

Friday, March 22

Identity Theft /
Forgery / Criminal Impersonation:
Common Drive, a resident reported that
someone is using a forged Pennsylvania driver’s license with his name and
identifying information on it. That individual has been trying to rent property
in Baltimore, MD, Washington DC and Massachusetts. Address on fake Pennsylvania
driver’s license belongs to an Amish family that also is victim of identity
theft per Pennsylvania State Trooper.

Saturday, March 23

Dogs At-Large /
Public Nuisance / Failure to Provide Humane Treatment:
Canyonlands St, three
Rottweilers escaped from their yard and were acting aggressive towards
neighbors. The dogs continued to bark and charge at deputies. Owner was
contacted and returned to his residence to secure the dogs. The owner was
summoned in to Berthoud muni court. Despite multiple neighbors telling deputies
to shoot the dogs, they were controlled using ham sandwiches and sausage
McMuffins. That’s Mcfabulous!

Suicide Threats: 6th
St, an aunt got into an argument with her niece over not helping to pack to
move. The aunt left the residence with her child and made the comment that she
might be better off dead. She later brought the child back, left him with her
niece and said that the child’s father can have full custody, she left again. She
later contacted the child’s father and made future plans to pay him child
support once she got a job at her new destination.

Theft: Mountain Avenue (Habitat), a suspect stole a laptop
computer by using pliers to break the security lock. They got into their van
and left. Video was taken of the whole caper. Warrant coming 

Sunday, March 24

Vehicle Crash / Non-Injury: Berthoud Parkway and CR 10E, a driver rear ended another vehicle while it was making a left turn. He was given a summons.

March 25 to March 31

Monday, March 25

Theft: 4th
Street, a resident reported that their temporary license plate was stolen
yesterday. Well you only had the license temporarily, so that works.

: Loves Travel Center, a passer-by reported seeing a semi-truck
out in the field. Upon checking it was a power company truck repairing lines.

Tuesday, March 26

Assist to Fire
S. CR 15, a house fire was reported. that a bedroom was on
fire. The homeowner was extremely agitated that units didn’t find his house
quicker. Fire and law enforcement units cleared because man doesn’t want any

Assist to Fire
: S. CR 15, the homeowner called 911 to report the fire is
getting bigger in a bedroom. Fire and LCSO responded but the homeowner would
not let the fire department in his house, so they had to fight the fire from a
window. It was impossible to get to the fire from the window and since the
homeowner did not want them in the house, they used a chainsaw to create their
own door into the bedroom. Fire out! Before they left, the fire department
boarded up the hole in the wall for the homeowner. Berthoud Fire you are the

Disturbance: S. 3rd
Street, a woman called and reported her 35-year-old brother grabbed a knife and
tried to hurt himself. mom grabbed the knife cutting her hand severely in the

Theft: 1st
Street, a resident reported his camper was stolen from a storage yard.

Restraining Order
Indiana Avenue, a 21-year-old man allegedly texted a young boy
which was in violation of a restraining order. Confucius say; If court say
don’t do it, best advice is “don’t do it”!

Wednesday, March

: Welch Avenue, Deputy drove by this residence and saw that
the garage door was open and the car inside had a door cracked open. Deputy
contacted the owner, and everything was OK.

Inoperable Vehicle:
3rd Street, a silver car was seen by the deputy with an expired
license plate. Owner was contacted and moved the vehicle off the street.

Fictitious Plates:
Bimson Avenue, a silver vehicle was seen on the street with license plates that
belonged to a different vehicle. The plates were logged into evidence and the
owner contacted.

Trespassing: Woodcock
Street, Manager of the complex is having issues with a man for trespassing and
dumping his trash in the apartment dumpsters. The person dumping trash in the
dumpster lives down the road in a house. Deputy went to contact the man at his
house but there was no answer, Deputy spoke to a neighbor who said that within
the past hour or so the man living there moved out and moved back to Georgia.

Thursday, March 28

Criminal Tampering:
Bunyan Ave, an employee reported that her company vehicle’s hood was found open
and someone had removed fuses from the vehicle, possibly to disable the vehicle

Civil Issue: Welch
Ave. a supervisor reported that an employee that he fired today was at this
address taking a company truck and trailer. The employee claimed to be part
owner in the company and was taking his personal tools that were in the trailer
to his house. The supervisor maintained that the truck and trailer are his
under the company. The employee stated that he purchased a portion of the truck
and trailer. As the world turns, so are the days of our lives.

Vehicle Theft:
Center Ridge Dr. a construction worker reported his flatbed trailer stolen from
this job site.

Friday, March 29

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage
, a larger silver pickup with a car hauler trailer
hit a fire hydrant. no water coming from the hydrant. Summons issued. Unlike
the movies hitting the fire hydrant did not shoot water high in the air. Very

Saturday, March 30

Vehicle Crash / Property Damage: 3800 E Hwy 56, a truck driver was
asleep in the sleeper of his parked semi when it was struck by another semi.

Burglary / Theft: 2nd Street, a resident reported that her storage
unit was unlawfully entered, and items had been stolen.

Assist Boulder County: Mountain Avenue, Boulder Sheriff following a
felony menacing suspect. White Ford pickup . Driver of this vehicle should have
a handgun. Berthoud Squad, Colorado State Patrol, Boulder Deputies contacted
and arrested the suspect.

Sunday, March 31

Vehicle Crash /
Property Damage:
on Hwy 56 at I-25,two
semi-trucks were exiting off I-25 when the first truck stopped but the second
truck did not. The crash caused a fuel leak and reported as one of the trucks
was on fire. Upon arrival there was no fire and the hazmat team responded to
take care of the spill.

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