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Friday, December 8, 2023

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Cooking with insects

Cooking with insects

Insect Chef David George Gordon Appearing Live at the Butterfly Pavilion Denver, CO – Curious as to how Tempura Battered Mealworms or Scorpion Scaloppine taste? Find out on Saturday, April 10, when the “Martha Stewart” of insect cuisine, Chef David George Gordon, appears live for three very buggy cooking demonstrations at the Butterfly Pavilion. The special event is part of the Dr. Entomo’s Palace of Exotic Wonders opening day festivities. Dr. Entomo’s is the Pavilion’s newest ... Full Story

Siberian Forget-Me-Not

Siberian Forget-Me-Not

2010 Featured Perennials – Pennywise Perennials Brunnera macrophylla Submitted by:      Harriett McMillan, CCNP Echter’s Garden Center   Siberian Forget-Me-Not (Brunnera macrophylla) An outstanding treasure of the plant world that few know about is Brunnera macrophylla. This azure blue flowered plant is one representative of Forget-Me-Not hence the common name Siberian Forget-Me-Not. Brunnera is native to West Caucasus and Siberia and was introduced to Europe in 1713. The true ... Full Story

Summer roses — Autumn hips

Summer roses — Autumn hips

Plant Select® Redleaf Rose (Rosa glauca, R. rubrifolia) Submitted by: Dr. James E. Klett Colorado State University:Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Redleaf Rose (Rosa glauca, R. rubrifolia) Medium-sized to large shrub Height: 6 to 8 ft. Width: 4 to 6 ft. Blooms: May to June Sun: Full sun to part shade Soil Moisture: Moderate to dry conditions; xeric Hardiness: USDA zones 3-9 (up to 9000’) Culture: Clay, sandy soil or loam Summer Roses – Autumn Hips If you are ... Full Story

Osteospermums & Diascia – great choices for now

Osteospermums & Diascia – great choices for now

Osteospermum or Diascia… wow –names like this sound like a foreign language lesson! These two actually are from another country – South Africa to be exact – but, surprisingly, are just the thing to plant here early in the season while temperatures are still cool. “Osteos or African Sun Daisies as they’re commonly called, produce many astoundingly colorful daisy flowers. You have probably seen them – white, pink, lavender, deep purple, reddish, and the very popular yellows or ... Full Story

The Aakash Mittal Quartet: A musical journey to India

By Dani White Berthoud Recorder There is a bold new kind of music emerging in Colorado. The Aakash Mittal Quartet, influenced by the muse of modern day India where customary meets contemporary, has fashioned a unique and worldly blend of sound. The band is an independent outfit and will soon be self-releasing their second album, “Videsh.” Mittal, the band’s innovator, was born in Dallas, Texas, was raised in Loveland and is of Indian descent. The diversity of the artist’s background has ... Full Story

Roberts stars in ‘Haunting of Winchester House’

Berthoud to Burbank shuffle worthwhile for high school freshman By Gerri Roberts Berthoud Recorder Recently on DVD at Blockbuster’s, an indie ghost story — “Haunting of Winchester House” — was released, starring Berthoud resident Patty Roberts. (more…)

Gassner glows as Frenchy in ‘Grease’

Briana Gassner, a 2002 graduate of Berthoud High School, is currently performing the role of Frenchy in “Grease” at the Littleton Town Hall Arts Center, 2450 W. Main St.  The production runs through Sunday, Oct. 25 with shows on Thursdays through Sundays.  For ticket information call 303-794-2787 or visit Gassner is the daughter of Lou and Ruth Gassner of Berthoud. A graduate of the University of Northern Colorado, she is in her third year of ... Full Story

Preserving a Paleontologic Treasure Chest

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder Aug. 20, 2009, was the 40th anniversary of the establishment of Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, a site maintained by the National Park Service for the preservation of spectacular plant and insect fossils, including huge petrified trunks of fossil sequoias, ancient relatives of the giant redwoods of California. The site is located west of Colorado Springs, just south of the town of Florissant, Colo. The efforts to save the site and its paleontologic ... Full Story

Our Natural World: Colorado’s Oldest Living

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder Have you met one of Colorado’s oldest living residents? No, it is not that cranky, old guy down the street; it is the bristlecone pine. They are among the oldest living organisms anywhere in the world. There are some bristlecone pines in Berthoud, but they are just youngsters. The really old ones — some more than 1,500 years old — live in the Rocky Mountains. The Colorado bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) is sometimes known by the common name foxtail ... Full Story

Dinosaurs and Other Colorado Fossils

By Doug Nichols Berthoud Recorder As dinosaur lovers of all ages in our state know, the Colorado State Fossil is the stegosaur (Stegosaurus stenops). This familiar herbivorous dinosaur with rows of plates along its back was officially adopted by executive order of Gov. Richard Lamm in 1982, following a two-year campaign by schoolchildren. Stegosaurs roamed Colorado during the late Jurassic period of geological time, about 145-150 million years ago. They were large animals, weighing an ... Full Story

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