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Monday, June 17, 2024

Denise Schump chosen for Teacher Tuesday honor

It came as a complete surprise for Berthoud resident Denise Schump when she was called to the stage at Lucile Erwin Middle School at a special assembly on Tuesday. She had been nominated for special recognition by Blake Martin, a student in her eighth grade class.

Blake Martin seems quite pleased with the events.

Blake had written a letter to the TRI 102.5 radio station, which, in partnership with K99 radio in Windsor, honors a teacher each Tuesday of the school year. Shump was chosen as this Tuesday’s (October 26) teacher of the week.

All the other teachers knew what the special assembly was for, but they all kept the secret. Michael Stone, the morning DJ of the Fort Collins radio station was on hand to read Blake’s letter and to present Shump with a certificate and a collection of gifts.

Shump said she was very excited and completely surprised. Her husband, James Shump was also very pleased. He said, “She really deserves it. She leaves the house at 6:30 every morning and comes home at five.” He said. “Then she spends several more hours working at home.”

Shump has a degree in journalism, but had been a stay-at-home mom until son Billy (Berthoud High School class of 2010) was nine-years-old at which time she went into teaching. She must be doing something right, Blake thinks so. Here is what he had to say:

Dear Tri 102.5,

I heard you were doing Teacher Tuesday so I, Blake Martin of Lucile Erwin Middle School, decided to write one for one of my favorite teachers, Mrs. Denise Schump. Mrs. Schump is fantastic. She goes out of her way to go into depth on subjects and to help us comprehend if we don’t understand something. She makes learning fun, makes jokes about everything, but also gets serious when we get off task. All in all, Mrs. Schump is too great and helpful for words and that is why I now know Mrs. Schump is one of the best teachers out there you can find. Thanks for the opportunity,

Blake Martin,

P. S. I listen to 102.5 all the time, great music choice

Eight Graders gathered for a special assembly for Mrs. Shump

Reached at her home west of Berthoud on Tuesday evening, Shump said, “Blake is a great kid and very gifted. I am so lucky to have him in class. This honor made my day, probably my week, maybe the whole year.

Blake Martin, Teacher Denise Shump and DJ Michael Stone of TRI 102.5 radio


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