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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Fire Beat: Aug. 6, 2009

Tuesday, July 28

  • BFPD responded to a carbon monoxide alarm on Sixth Street. No evidence of carbon monoxide was detected. The alarm was activated due to a faulty alarm.

Wednesday, July 29

  • BFPD responded to a commercial fire alarm at the Berthoud Living Center. There were no signs of fire and after investigation nothing was found. The alarm was reset.
  • BFPD responded to Interstate 25 at mile marker 251 for an accident involving a semi truck transporting cattle. The semi had blown a tire and veered off the road into the median. There were no injuries involved.
  • BFPD responded to the Berthoud Living Center for a medical call. The patient was transported.

Thursday, July 30

  • BFPD assisted with a medical call on Fourth Street for a patient in cardiac arrest. The patient was transported.
  • BFPD responded with Berthoud Police to a citizen assist on Fourth Street.

Saturday, Aug. 1

  • BFPD responded to the Berthoud Living Center for a patient in cardiac arrest.
  • BFPD responded to a reported motorcycle accident on Interstate 25 near Johnson’s corner. The biker was injured and transported.
  • BFPD responded to a motorcycle accident at the Valley Dirt Rider track for a rider who was receiving CPR upon arrival. The patient was later pronounced dead at the scene.
  • BFPD responded to a controlled burn that was out of control on Wilfred Road. Upon arrival the homeowner was attempting to extinguish a fire behind their residence that was spreading toward a neighbor’s property line. The fire was extinguished.
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