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Monday, May 23, 2022

Fire Beat: Nov. 5, 2009

Tuesday, Oct. 27

  • BFPD responded for a carbon monoxide alarm on Foothills Drive. This was a false alarm.
  • BFPD responded to a carbon monoxide alarm on Elmwood Street. This was a false alarm and it was recommended that the detector be moved away from the furnace and eventually replaced.

Wednesday, Oct. 28

  • BFPD responded to a medical call for back pain on 2nd Street. The crew assisted TVEMS with transporting the patient.
  • BFPD responded to a motor vehicle accident on Highway 287 and County Road 17. A single vehicle had slid off the road with minor damage to the vehicle. No injuries were reported.
  • BFPD responded to a two-vehicle accident on Highway 287. The vehicle sustained moderate damage. One patient was transported.
  • BFPD responded with TVEMS for a medical call on 3rd Street.  The patient was transported.
  • BFPD responded to 7th Street and Welch Avenue for an outside gas odor. A slight odor was detected in the area but the source was not found.
  • BFPD assisted TVEMS with transporting a patient on 3rd Street.

Thursday, Oct. 29

  • BFPD assisted with a medical call on Redwood Circle for a patient with a severe headache. The patient was transported.

Sunday, Nov. 1

  • BFPD responded to a motor vehicle accident on Highway 287. This was a single-vehicle rollover accident with moderate to heavy damage to the vehicle. The patient was transported.
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