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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Fire Beat: Oct. 22, 2009

Monday, Oct. 12

  • BFPD responded to Interstate 25 at mile marker 249 for a single-vehicle accident.  There were no injuries.

Tuesday, Oct. 13

  • BFPD assisted with a medical call for a possible stroke on West County Road 4.
  • Responded to a vehicle fire on Interstate 25. A truck had light smoke coming from the engine compartment. The fire was extinguished.

Wednesday, Oct. 14

  • BFPD responded to Interstate 25 at mile marker 250 for a two-vehicle accident. There were minor damages to the vehicles. One patient complaining of neck and back pain was transported.

Thursday, Oct. 15

  • BFPD assisted a walk-in patient at Station 1 on Mountain Ave. Upon arrival of TVEMS the care was transferred to them and the patient was transported.

Friday, Oct. 16

  • BFPD assisted with a medical for chest pain on Cedar Drive. The patient was transported.

Saturday, Oct. 17

  • BFPD responded to the Valley Dirt Rider track for two injured motorcyclists. Both patients were transported.
  • Responded to Interstate 25 for a two-vehicle t-bone type accident. Both vehicles sustained moderate damage and there were no injured parties in the accident.

Sunday, Oct.18

  • BFPD assisted with a medical call on McColm Street.
  • Responded to a heat detector alarm on Singing Waters Court. This was a false alarm due to a faulty detector.
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