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Saturday, January 28, 2023

Isn’t Medicaid cut a tax hike?

How do you define a tax increase. The government getting more of your money. The following article from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out that the plan before congress would shift the costs of Medicaid to those least able to afford it. For them, it is the same as a tax increase, they have less disposable income. It is all a mater of semantics and perhaps how much money you have to contributed to political candidates.


Center on Budged and Policy Matters

Proposal to Establish Federal Medicaid “Blended Rate” Would Shift Significant Costs to States

Would Be Hard to Set Fairly and Accurately; Would Likely Force Cuts to Children, People With Disabilities, Seniors, and Health Care Providers

By Edwin Park and Judith Solomon

An Obama Administration proposal that’s on the table for budget negotiators would reduce federal Medicaid expenditures by reducing the federal share of Medicaid and CHIP costs, shifting costs to states and likely prompting states to cut payments to health care providers and to scale back the health services that Medicaid covers for low-income children, parents, people with disabilities, and/or senior citizens (including those in nursing homes). Reductions in provider payments would likely exacerbate the problem that Medicaid beneficiaries already face regarding access to physician care, particularly from specialists. … Read More

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