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Saturday, June 22, 2024

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Taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart

Taxpayers subsidize Wal-Mart

You are Paying Wal-Mart’s Workers as the Company Keeps Its Money By Piper Hoffman You are paying Wal-Mart employees’ wages. Yep, you. The notoriously stingy company cuts every corner to keep prices low, and one of those corners is the payroll. It pays employees peanuts (and then cheats them of their overtime peanuts, but that is another story). By “peanuts” I mean an average of $8.81 per hour. Many of these workers need welfare to survive. Thus you, the taxpayer, are paying part of ... Full Story

GOP budget, poverty for most

GOP budget, poverty for most

Once upon a time, the United States was a prosperous nation with a strong middle class. The middle class had achieved what President Theodore Roosevelt dreamed for the middle class; a living wage that allowed them to take care of their family, buy a house, save some for old age. These people were able to live the American Dream and they purchased the products made in factories in the U.S. They were able to support charities and community activities. Workers shared in the wealth created by their ... Full Story

Medicaid and Rural America

Medicaid and Rural America

Medicaid and Rural America Center for Rural Affairs analyzes benefits of Medicaid in rural areas Rural children increasingly reliant on public health insurance LYONS, NE - Medicaid protects long-term care for millions of seniors, helps people with disabilities live independently and provides health coverage that ensures children can see a doctor when they get sick. The Center for Rural Affairs released a new health care report today, entitled – Medicaid and Rural America – that examines ... Full Story

Young-Ferrandino Bill Opens Paths to Medicaid

Press Release (Denver) – Soaring Medicaid costs are straining the state budget. Today, Rep. Dave Young and Minority Leader Mark Ferrandino proposed a bill to save money and maximize health outcomes. “Colorado families are still suffering from the aftereffects of the Great Recession and thus the Medicaid rolls continue to grow,” Rep. Young (D-Greeley) said at a Capitol press conference today. “Expanded access to care is simply unsustainable without changes in how states deliver and pay ... Full Story

Isn’t Medicaid cut a tax hike?

How do you define a tax increase. The government getting more of your money. The following article from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out that the plan before congress would shift the costs of Medicaid to those least able to afford it. For them, it is the same as a tax increase, they have less disposable income. It is all a mater of semantics and perhaps how much money you have to contributed to political candidates.   Center on Budged and Policy Matters Proposal to ... Full Story

Helping Larimer County residents enroll in public

New program helps Larimer County residents enroll in public health insurance The Health District of Northern Larimer County has launched a new program aimed at helping more Larimer County residents obtain healthcare coverage through Medicaid, which serves adults and children, and Child Health Plan Plus (CHP+), which serves qualifying children and pregnant women. Health District staff will educate local families about public health insurance options and assist them in enrolling, or ... Full Story