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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Larimer County Weed Control & Forestry Customer Service Summer Hours

Larimer County Weed Control & Forestry Customer Service Summer Hours and Details for No Spray Zones

The Larimer County Weed Control District and the Larimer County Forestry Program located at 2649 East Mulberry, # 6, at the southwest corner of Summitview and Mulberry, in Fort Collins have begun summer hours as of April. The office will be open 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday. Call ahead to be sure appropriate personnel will be present, or to schedule a time outside of the posted hours.

Services include recommendations on weed management and range and pasture restoration, herbicide sprayer rentals, herbicide sales, informational brochures, and weed identification. Forestry services include expert advice on hazardous and diseased tree removal, forest pest identification, help with mountain pine beetle, spruce ips, Dutch elm disease, and fire wise planning. Site visits to help with plant identification and management recommendations are available. Call (970) 498-5768 for weed issues, or (970) 498-5765 for forestry concerns.

The Weed Control District works with various landowning agencies, such as the U. S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Division of Wildlife, farmers, ranchers, private landowners, and others. Its goal is to maintain the native ecosystems found in natural areas throughout the County, as well as preventing the spread of noxious weeds.

State statute mandates that all road rights-of-way be managed for noxious weeds. This is especially important because roadsides are one of the most common ways noxious weeds are introduced into areas and spread onto adjacent lands. Landowners who prefer not to have an herbicide applied on County rights-of-way property adjacent to their property can apply for a ‘no spray zone’ by calling the Larimer County Weed District at (970) 498-5768 or apply on line at www.larimer.org/weeds/posting .

For more information on the Larimer County Weed District please visit our website.

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