July 2024


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Sunday, July 14, 2024

Libya, Afghan War, Ukraine



Friends in High Places

Judy Bachrach

With their invasion of Libya, the US, France, and Britain have entered into a risky, multi-dimensional conflict that could stretch well beyond a few weeks. Where, wonders Judy Bachrach, is the military assistance that the Arab League, who so vehemently petitioned the allies to launch their attack and who will be so clearly affected by the fallout from the Libya crisis? Read More




Fantasies of Afghan War Progress at Washington Think Tank

Ann Marlowe

Ann Marlowe finds the tone of a recent think-tank meeting on Afghanistan to be full of platitudes and false hope — praise for Hamid Karzai, talk of progress in the fight against the Taliban, playing down insurgent violence. As we formulate the next steps for our struggling role in Afghanistan, when will the realists speak up? Read More



Viktor Yanukovych, Terminator

Alexander Motyl

Under the governance of Viktor Yanukovych, the appearance of “stability” in Ukraine has concealed the president’s authoritarianism — as exhibited by the centralization of power that has been drained from the Parliament, the courts, would-be reformers, and even members of his own party. But this image of an all-knowing, beneficent ruler will ultimately collapse — and when it does, Ukraine risks a hard fall. Read More


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