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Friday, March 31, 2023

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How bad would it have to get in Ukraine for Trump to

How bad would it have to get in Ukraine for Trump to abandon Putin?

By Mike Littwin   Once again, democracy is under attack. And while I could be talking about Russia’s still-shocking, full-scale invasion of Ukraine and its fledgling democracy, I’m actually talking about the ugly rantings of Vladimir Putin’s poodle, Donald Trump. In the wake of the Russian attack, as I’m sure you know, Trump celebrated Putin’s “genius,” his “savvy” and added a few other words of praise that the Former Guy usually reserves for himself. In his speech to ... Full Story

Libya, Afghan War, Ukraine

Libya, Afghan War, Ukraine

    Friends in High Places Judy Bachrach With their invasion of Libya, the US, France, and Britain have entered into a risky, multi-dimensional conflict that could stretch well beyond a few weeks. Where, wonders Judy Bachrach, is the military assistance that the Arab League, who so vehemently petitioned the allies to launch their attack and who will be so clearly affected by the fallout from the Libya crisis? Read More       Fantasies of Afghan War Progress at ... Full Story