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Police Beat: July 2, 2009

Tuesday, June 23

  • Barking dogs on Cedar Drive prompted a complaint in the early afternoon. The caller said he called the night before about the same dogs.
  • Thistle growing everywhere at N. County Road and Lake Avenue was the complaint. The Code Enforcement Officer was advised.
  • Dogs in the 600 block of Eighth Street were reported to have been barking for an hour and half. The dogs were in a pen in the alley and no one was home, so the officer left a written warning on the front door. 

Wednesday, June 24

  • A woman on Greenwood Drive became concerned when she started hearing strange knocking noises at 1 a.m. Police are treating the case as criminal mischief.
  • A boy found a bullet in the parking lot at Ivy Stockwell Elementary school and took it to the police station.
  • A caller from the 800 block of Welch Avenue reported two juveniles with a pistol BB gun shooting at birds. The officer was unable to locate the boys.
  • A lady found a cock-a-poo dog and reported it to the police. The dog had a tag, but the phone number had been disconnected. The caller decided to keep the dog at her house because she did not want it to go to the shelter.
  • When the officer went to investigate barking dogs in the 100 block of east Iowa Avenue, the dogs did not bark. “No barking at all,” cited his report.
  • A Berthoud Police officer was driving east on Mountain Avenue when he noticed people in the parking lot in the 800 block. He also saw a male hit another male on the head with a baseball bat. The officer entered the parking lot and confronted the group of six males and one female, all of whom he recognized. There were about as many versions of what happened as there were people. One young man was charged with assault and two were issued summons for Harassment and Disorderly Conduct and released.
  • Loud noise in Town Park after 9 p.m. was handled on the spot by an officer.
  • Police gave a warning to some juveniles walking down Bunyan Avenue after 11 p.m.
  • Shortly before midnight, police checked and released a person involved in what is described as suspicious circumstances at Ivy Stockwell Elementary School.
  • A Bimson Avenue man found a brindle-colored Pit Bull and brought it into his house and reported to the police.

Thursday, June 25

  • Two people were reported fishing at a Berthoud Lake. They were gone when police arrived.
  • Police assisted Berthoud Fire at a dumpster fire on Bunyan Avenue.
  • Someone reported a small juvenile throwing fireworks at horses in the 1000 block of E. County Road 6C. The officer handled the situation.

Friday, June 26

  • A Great Pyrenees dog was reported loose on Keep Circle. The dog was returned to the owner.
  • Juveniles riding their bikes after dark with no lights were given a warning by an officer.
  • A Seventh Street dg was reported for barking continuously. The owners were not home, the officer left a written warning.
  • Police responded to a report of fireworks at Fifth Street and Capital Avenue but found no one there. 
  • The loud party in the 10th and Franklin neighborhood was quiet when police arrived.
  • A north Fourth Street resident found a baby bird and tried to take care of it. She was given the number for the Greenwood Wildlife Rehabilitation Center.

Saturday, June 27

  • An anonymous female called in at 4:30 a.m. to complain about exploding firework. By the time police arrived, all was quiet.
  • Police became involved with an incident of road when a driver was confronted by another driver who sped up as she tried to pull out of her Eighth Street driveway. She made a gesture to the other driver who then got out of his car and threatened her but was gone when police arrived.
  • A horse in the middle of the road near L & M Garden center was returned to its corral by a passing citizen.
  • The caller said that the kids were shooting fireworks and making the dogs bark in the 800 block of Welch Avenue. The police found only sparklers, no fireworks. About 25 minutes later dispatch received a call from another house on Welch, this call reporting bottle rocket in the back yard. All was quiet when the officer arrived.
  • The officers spotted dog on the loose, but it went back in the yard.

Sunday, June 28

  • North Fourth Street was the site of another bottle rocket report.
  • The report came in that the group of one female and three males was about to escalate their verbal disturbance to a physical disturbance, but they left before police arrived.
  • Police stopped a 1 a.m. bike rider and found him to be under the influence. A friend came to take custody of him and the bike.

Monday, June 29

  • A barking Scotty type dog in the 300 block of east Colorado Avenue earned its owner a written warning.
  • Police responded to a motor vehicle accident with injuries at Weld County Road 7 and Highway 56. Both vehicles were heavily damaged in what the report described as a T-bone accident.
  • Police were unable to locate three juvenile males reportedly damaging a tree behind Hays Market. The boys were last reported eastbound on Welch Ave and one of the youth had a guitar. 
  • An Aspen Drive resident was trying to get some sleep at 9:30 p.m. but was apparently kept awake by nearby noise. The officer handled the situation.
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