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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Police Beat: July 9, 2009

Tuesday, June 30

  • A prowler reported in the Pinewood mobile home park at 12:34 a.m. was gone when police arrived two minutes later.
  • At 3:35 a.m., after loud noise had been going on for hours in the 500 block of Fifth Street, a complaint was registered and police issued a verbal warning.
  • A barking dog in the 600 block of Munson Court brought a visit from the Code Enforcement Officer. He too heard the barking and contacted the owner who said she would muzzle the dog.
  • The house with loud stereo in the 800 block of Bunyan Avenue turned out to be outside of town limits, but was quiet when the officer arrived shortly after 9 p.m. Apparently, the music was turned back up as soon as the officer left, warranting another call shortly before 10 p.m. This time the complaint was referred to the Larimer County Sheriff’s Office.

Wednesday, July 1

  • A driver headed eastbound on County Rd. 8 said she was stopped for the signal at Highway 287 when a blue Acura struck her vehicle. When she confronted the other driver, he apparently said, “Prove it,” and then left the scene. A check of the license plate identified a Boulder man as owner of the vehicle. The reporting party did not wish to prosecute.
  • A neighbor sitting on her front porch on east Iowa Avenue noted her neighbors in a heated discussion, and when it became more intense she thought to let the police know. According to the report it was “verbal only” and listed as quiet on arrival.
  • A man driving down Mountain Avenue shortly before midnight reported having his vehicle hit with a BB pellet.

Thursday, July 2

  • A resident in the 1200 block of Aspen Drive complained that a man came over to his house and punched him in the neck. When police arrived the attacker was in the street, the complainant in the house. The complainant declined to press charges.
  • A neighbor reported that several lots on Michigan and Colorado avenues, owned by Mark Ender Construction, have weeds. The properties were added to the list of outgoing weed letters.

Friday, July 3

  • A barking dog in the 900 block of Sixth Street was not barking when police arrived.
  • A caller reported that juveniles in a small blue car with lots of bumper stickers threw soda on them. The juveniles were gone from the First Street and Indiana Avenue location when police arrived.
  • Two callers reported strangers in the area of Fifth Street and Lake Avenue. The first caller was suspicious of the strangers and the second said they were selling cleaning products door to door. The strangers were gone when police arrived.
  • A man who lives on Fifth Street was very upset that the music at the Derby Grill was so loud. He stated that he hears it almost every night and did not think it fair that they can be that loud. Police found no criminal violation.
  • A caller from Fifth Street and Indiana Avenue was also unhappy with noise. He reported hearing rap music and fireworks.

Saturday, July 4

  • Two cows were reported on County Rd. 17 near Spartan Avenue.
  • Police responded to four reports of fireworks during the evening hours.
  • Dispatch received another call, apparently the same man on Fifth Street, complaining of the noise at the
  • Derby Grille. According to police the Derby Grille was closed on Independence Day.

Sunday, July 5

  • Police responded to five reports of fireworks during the reporting period. One case, the 6 a.m. event has a report to follow, the others were in the evening and had stopped by the time an officer arrived.
  • A Seventh Street resident complained about a barking dog next door and wanted to know her options.
  • A Bassett Hound was running loose in the 1200 block of Lake Avenue without its collar. The animal was known to live on Fifth Street but the officer was unable to locate the dog.
  • An east Indiana Avenue resident lost his dog for a while and called police for assistance. Police discovered that a neighbor had the dog and the pair was soon reunited.

Monday, July 6

  • The owner of the barking dogs in the 1100 block of Jefferson Drive was given a written warning.
  • Dispatch passed on two “Be On the Look Out“ (BOLO) advisories about recklessly driven vehicles. One BOLO was on S. County Rd. 17, the other, a short time later, in the 1400 block of Shelby Drive.
  • Kids having a bonfire in the backyard of a vacant house at 301 E. Colorado Avenue had police and fire department personnel show up at their party. The fire department put out the fire and the case is being treated as a trespassing incident.
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