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Police Beat: March 12, 2009

Police Beat for 03-12-09

Tuesday, Mar. 3
Police responded to a 7 a.m. call that the school zone warning light in front of Hays Market was facing north instead of west. The caller thought it might be due to wind or vandals. The police decided it was the result of the wind and repositioned the light.

A resident on Victoria St. called to complain about a Hubbell St. dog that keeps coming to his yard and “using the restroom.” This was not the first complaint, but the dog was back home by the time police got to the neighborhood.

Police were unable to locate a grey Toyota reported by a caller as driving erratically on northbound U.S. Highway 287. The report was that the female driver had gone off the road three times.

Police assisted Berthoud Fire at the scene of a non-injury motor vehicle accident at First St. and Mountain Ave. At least one vehicle was damaged severely enough to need a tow.

Wednesday, Mar. 4
A dog named Ray, though reported as well behaved, went uninvited into the Picture This frame shop. Mr. Georges called the owners and let them know they could retrieve the dog at the Berthoud Police Department.

A woman and child were reported walking down the railroad tracks between Third St. and Fourth St. at 1:45 p.m. but they were gone when police arrived.

A Maple Dr. resident was apparently annoyed by a barking dog at 8:45 p.m. and complained to the police about it. She was unsure of the location of the noise, thinking possibly Oak St., but all was quiet in the neighborhood when the officer arrived.

Thursday, Mar. 5
A mother reported that her middle school student on his way to school saw profanity spray-painted on the arch in Fickel Park. The investigating officer is taking this case of vandalism seriously and has requested a case number.

An employee of Berthoud Ace Hardware thought it suspicious when she found two rolls of fencing wire outside the store and called to report a theft. It was unknown at the time if anything else was missing or out of place.

Police found three music CDs on the ground in the parking lot at Town Park. They appear to have been run over by a car. The owner can claim them at the Police Department.

Friday, Mar. 6
Police investigating the trespass of two unlocked cars in the 600 block of Welch and the 1000 block of Sixth St. noticed there were three more vehicle break-ins in the area. The original caller reported a stereo and a pair of sunglasses as stolen. There is no report on the remaining vehicles.

A call came in reporting an accident on Second St. in Berthoud, but it was actually on southbound U.S. Highway 287 at Yellowstone Road in Boulder County. The southbound lanes were closed for a time shortly after 7 p.m. as police assisted Berthoud Fire and sheriff’s deputies in handling the accident scene.

Saturday, Mar. 7
Police responded under priority “Urgent” to a report of a disturbance at 1:30 a.m. The complainant was across the street from the altercation in the 900 block of Third St. and reported the female screaming. Police found a 22-year-old female and a 21-year-old male home alone together and arguing. Not surprisingly, the officer determined both had been drinking. The male had prior incidents of assault and a restraining order. There is no indication that any arrests were made.

Having lost some money the previous day, a man reported the loss of the two $100 dollar bill to the police. Police told him that the money may have been found, however, the person who found the money and was supposed to bring it to the police department never showed up.

The lady on Second St. called to tell police that she had captured the cat than had been hanging around her house all day, but that she could not keep it with her other cats. The case was handled by the officer. 

Sunday, Mar. 8
Police responded to a verbal disturbance at County Road 13 and State Highway 56 shortly after 1p.m. Two Colorado State Patrol officers were on scene with Berthoud Police. The report notes that one of the men in the disturbance had a valid concealed weapons permit but does not report if he was armed. No other information is available at this time. A report is to follow.

Dispatch received a report of juveniles pulling a rope across the road as cars passed by on County Road 8 west of Town. Since the incident was in the county it was turned over to the sheriff’s office.

A Cedar Dr. resident reported that someone had gone through his trash. He was especially concerned that some old prescription bottles may have been taken and used fraudulently.

Monday, Mar 9
The Town road grader operator saw a safe on the side of County Road 10E. Police picked up the safe and brought it to the police department thinking it might be connected to local thefts. However, they soon received a call from Longmont Police asking for assistance in finding a safe and Berthoud Police turned the box over to them.

A man from the area of Sixth St. and Massachusetts Ave. called to complain of a little white fluffy barking dog. The dog, or perhaps its owners, received a verbal warning.

Over the last two weeks, Berthoud Police have arrested three juveniles in connection with a recent string of vehicle break-ins. The juveniles may also be responsible for some other crimes police are investigating. At least one of those arrested is a student at Berthoud High School.

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