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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Police Beat: March 19, 2009

Tuesday, March 10

  • A single car accident on Highway 56 near Pyramid Peak Ave. caused no injuries to the young driver. The 18-year-old Berthoud driver stepped on the brakes when he saw the 45 mph sign east of Town and began to slide on the snow-covered roadway. The sliding was stopped by a Qwest power pole. The pole was leaning but still standing after the collision, but the car was damaged enough that it had to be towed.
  • Police issued a summons to the owners of a six-month-old St. Bernard puppy for not having its rabies shots and tags.
  • A call was received from the Thornton police about a Berthoud man saying he was a Berthoud Police Officer. It turned to be the new part-time Code Enforcement Officer Matthew Clark.
  • A woman on Sixth St. court reported to the police that her boyfriend hit her.

Wednesday, March 11

  • A caller reported that the school zone lights for Berthoud Elementary School had not been changed to reflect Daylight Saving Time.
  • The Barber pole was stolen from The Barber Shop at 548 Mountain Ave. Sheila would like it back.
  • A caller from Red Cloud Ave. called police when someone showed up to repossess his motorcycle. The repossession papers showed a different name than the contract the local man had for payment so the police put a halt to the action. 

Thursday, March 12

  • A man brought in a coin device from a vending machine he found at the northwest corner of Highway 287 and County Road 8.
  • A green Subaru was vandalized while parked in the Berthoud High School parking lot. The hood had been damaged and there were witnesses who said they saw who caused the damage.
  • A neighbor watching the nearby house while its owners were on vacation, thought it suspicious when a blue Pontiac Grand Prix parked in the drive in the early afternoon.
  • Police gave a warning to door-to-door salesmen selling meat from freezers in their pickup trucks and doing so without a license.
  • A police report read, “Male westbound on Franklin. Wearing a blue shirt, jeans and a vest. Long grey hair. Staggering everywhere.” Police were unable to locate him.
  • A complainant called to see if any of the three cell phones that had been stolen from his daughter while she was at school had been recovered.

Friday, March 13

  • More trouble with the school zone lights on Mountain Ave. A passerby reported that the westbound light was not working.
  • A party called from 919 Mountain Ave. and reported finding money, but said it would be returned to the party who lost it.
  • The 500 block of Windom Peak Ln. was reported to be the scene of a barking dog at 8:57 a.m. When the officer sat in front of the residence at 10:09 a.m., he reported that no dog would bark.
  • A purple station wagon hit a tree in the 800 block of Fifth St. Both car and tree were damaged.

Saturday, March 14

  • A girl playing in front of her house in the 700 block of Holmes Pl was bitten by a dog. Police arrested the dog and turned it over to Larimer County Animal Control.
  • Police responded to a pedestrian versus vehicle accident on County Road 8 at U.S. Highway 287. The reports states that a female was on the ground. The extent of injuries is not indicated.
  • A dog at large in the 1000 block of Fourth St. was taken into custody and returned home.
  • A house on East Colorado Ave was egged and police put on extra patrols. 

Sunday, March 15

  • A 1:30 a.m. caller reported four or five kids on the east side of 5th St College. He went on to say that “If you want the stolen property, it is there.” Police walked around the school found no one there.
  • A wallet was left at the A&W Restaurant and staff tried to find a contact number for the owner but were unable to do so. They turned the found property over to Berthoud police.
  • Only minor injuries were sustained in a motor vehicle accident at the intersection of County Road 17 and Highway 287 at 12:50 p.m. The vehicles were described as a yellow jeep and a red Harley-Davidson motorcycle.
  • A concerned citizen thought it suspicious when she observed a woman removing flowers and decorations from graves at Greenlawn Cemetery.
  • The gentleman on Bristol Ct. registered another complaint about kids banging on his door and running away. 
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