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Public Asked to Stay Away from Crystal Fire

Public Asked to Stay Away from Crystal Fire

Date:        April 8, 2011

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office is requesting the public to stay away from the Crystal Fire burn area. With the exception of Buckhorn Road and Stove Prairie Road, many of the roads in that area are private roads and people who do not live in the area will be cited for trespassing.

There is a large amount of firefighter movement on the roads in the fire area and there is still a large number of heavy emergency vehicles traveling the roads. Having any additional traffic can hamper the firefighting effort.

While the static roadblocks have been taken down, we are requesting that any unnecessary travel in the area be limited. Recreationists, four-wheelers and spectators are strongly discouraged.

Larimer County Sheriff’s Office deputies remain on patrol in the area and will be checking vehicles that are not displaying a resident placard. Trespassers will be cited.

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