June 2024


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Monday, June 17, 2024

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Amendment 69: Opportunity for Change

Amendment 69: Opportunity for Change

To the editor: I support ColoradoCare-Amendment 69 because it will provide access to affordable, quality healthcare for all Coloradans. This matters to the families of Coloradans who die each year because they don’t have health insurance; to those declaring bankruptcy because they can’t pay medical bills; to those who pay ever higher premiums for increasing deductibles and more limited benefits; to healthcare providers who deal with more paperwork and red tape to provide patients the ... Full Story

Employers will save 59 percent of Workers’

Employers will save 59 percent of Workers’ Comp premiums with ColoradoCare

  by Ralph Ogden Note: This is in response to recent opinion writing to decry Amendment 69, ColoradoCare, by Pinnacol Assurance Chief Executive Officer Philip Kalin. Ralph Ogden In writing his opposition to Amendment 69 (ColoradoCare), Pinnacol executive Phil Kalin suggests that health providers outside its network of hand-picked physicians somehow care less about curing and relieving symptoms of injured workers than those inside its network. Actually, ColoradoCare will ... Full Story

ColoradoCare fills physician RX for broken health

ColoradoCare fills physician RX for broken health system

Dear Editor, Soon Colorado citizens will decide whether to support the current insurance system or muster the courage to change the entire system. The Colorado Medical Society has been dedicated to advancing the profession of medicine and to caring for the people of Colorado. In 2006, the CMS House of Delegates recognized that: "The health care system in Colorado is broken and the entire system needs to be reformed. Working only on one part will cause problems in other areas." The ... Full Story