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Saturday, July 2, 2022

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Isn’t Medicaid cut a tax hike?

How do you define a tax increase. The government getting more of your money. The following article from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities points out that the plan before congress would shift the costs of Medicaid to those least able to afford it. For them, it is the same as a tax increase, they have less disposable income. It is all a mater of semantics and perhaps how much money you have to contributed to political candidates.   Center on Budged and Policy Matters Proposal to ... Full Story

Coffman Statement on Measure to Cut Spending

Coffman Statement on Measure to Cut Spending, Keep Government Open   (WASHINGTON) – U.S. Rep. Mike Coffman (R-Aurora) released the following statement today in response to the passage of a 5-day extension of government funding to give appropriations negotiators more time to hammer out the details of an agreement that was reached to cut $39 billion in federal spending and fund government through the remainder of the fiscal year. “I voted for the 5-day extension and I will vote for the ... Full Story

Bennet Statement on Senate Budget Votes

  Washington, DC – Colorado U.S. Senator Michael Bennet released the following statement following the defeat of the House and Senate bills to fund the federal government through September. Bennet voted against both bills. “Reducing our debt and deficit requires a realistic and comprehensive approach and the Fiscal Commission has provided us with a blueprint. Any plan to tackle our fiscal crisis must make a material difference in reducing the deficit and everyone should be asked to ... Full Story

Udall: Republicans and Democrats Need to get Serious

Votes Against Both R and D Proposals – Neither Represents a Viable Path Forward Saying that neither the Democrats nor the Republicans had come up with an acceptable plan for funding the government through the end of the year, Mark Udall today voted against proposals drawn up by leaders in both parties.  He released the following statement after the vote: “It’s time for my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to trade their swords for pencils and start working together on a viable plan ... Full Story

America’s Debts: Even More Calamitous Than We

America’s Debts: Even More Calamitous Than We Thought

By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson Brace yourself. This isn’t going to be pleasant. If you’re in a bad mood or get easily upset, you may wish to pass on reading this article. The country is in even worse shape economically than we thought. We awoke on Feb. 14 to find that this year’s federal budget deficit is going to be larger than previously projected—a record $1.65 trillion. Recently, the official accumulated debt of the federal government passed the $14 trillion threshold. A trillion is a ... Full Story

Ending deficit spending won’t be easy or

Capitol Review By Mark Hillman It’s a political reality: talking about how to govern is far easier than actually governing. Government, after all, is a reflection of the governed and nothing requires individual voters or “the people” in general to act responsibly. That observation is not an indictment of the electorate but an acknowledgement that voters are never forced to confront tough choices about government spending. Consider the federal debt and deficit. The deficit is the annual ... Full Story

Senate Passes Responsible Budget Balancing Measures

Budget measures support Coloradans’ priorities and protect important programs DENVER— February 11: Today, the Senate passed a series of bills to balance the current fiscal year budget for the state of Colorado. Since the most recent revenue forecasts, the Joint Budget Committee has worked to prepare the bills, known as “negative supplementals,” in order to adjust the state budget to account for diminished state revenue. Currently, the state is facing a budget shortfall of $342 million, ... Full Story

Berthoud Board of Trustees, Agenda, Nov. 30

Berthoud Board of Trustees, Agenda, Nov. 30

BOARD OF TRUSTEES SPECIAL MEETING NOVEMBER 30, 2010 BOARD ROOM 6:00 P.M. 1.            Consent agenda: a.            Minutes 11-9-10 b.            November bills allowed c.            Sept. financial statement   2.            Public hearing-Ludlow annexation                            Administrator Hart                        60 minutes rezone, conveyance plat, site specific development ... Full Story


PUBLIC NOTICE NOTICE AS TO PROPOSED 2011 BUDGETS NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that proposed budgets have been submitted to the BERTHOUD HERITAGE METROPOLITAN DISTRICT NOS. 1 – 9 for the ensuing year of 2011.  Copies of such proposed budgets have been filed in the office of Pinnacle Consulting Group, Inc., 5110 Granite Street, Suite C, Loveland, Colorado 80538, where same are open for public inspection.  Such proposed budgets will be considered at the special meeting of Boards of Directors to be ... Full Story

Berthoud Town Board: October 12 agenda

Berthoud Town Board: October 12 agenda

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