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Saturday, July 20, 2024

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Revolt of the Rich

Revolt of the Rich

Our financial elites are the new secessionists. By Mike Lofgren It was 1993, during congressional debate over the North American Free Trade Agreement. I was having lunch with a staffer for one of the rare Republican congressmen who opposed the policy of so-called free trade. To this day, I remember something my colleague said: “The rich elites of this country have far more in common with their counterparts in London, Paris, and Tokyo than with their fellow American citizens.” That was ... Full Story

Payroll Tax “Holiday”? – The Grasshopper and the

Payroll Tax “Holiday”? – The Grasshopper and the Ant!

  This was a very bad idea! The amount withheld from your paycheck (matched by your employer) is not a “tax,” but a contribution to your Social Security retirement benefits. If you don’t pay in during those quarters, it reduces the benefits you will receive upon retirement. Ask the Social Security Administration for a calculation of your estimated benefits (which are based on how much you pay-in) and you will see what I mean! This “tax holiday,” like all holidays, costs you in ... Full Story

Gardner Votes To Block Middle Class Tax Cut

Gardner Votes To Block Middle Class Tax Cut

Press Release VOTE ALERT: Representative Gardner Votes To Block Middle Class Tax Cut While Representative Cory Gardner (CO-04) continues to protect tax breaks for the ultra wealthy, today he voted to block a $1,000 middle income tax cut for 2.5 million Colorado families. Economists estimate that blocking this middle class tax cut could cost 400,000 American jobs. National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, who is responsible for Gardner’s re-election, has called ... Full Story