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Monday, April 15, 2024

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Why I Occupy

  By Hank Finkel (about the author) Here is why I Occupy: I am sick of Trickle Down Stay the course Endless war Support the troops but screw the vets Privatized profits and socialized losses Corporate welfare Corporate personhood Privatized profits and socialized losses Profits before people Profits before planet Lobbyists Too big to fail Tax cuts for the rich and service cuts for the rest Bailouts for the banks and bank fees for the rest We watched as American workers have ... Full Story



          Politics generates some really bizarre ideas. We’re told that government jobs are not “real” jobs. That’s absurd. Police, firefighters, teachers, social workers, road maintenance crews, border patrol officers, and the military all do jobs that are necessary for our health, welfare, and freedom, and we need them. They also contribute to our economy by shopping at private business and paying taxes -- just like other workers. When they’re laid off, ... Full Story