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Monday, May 23, 2022







Politics generates some really bizarre ideas.

We’re told that government jobs are not “real” jobs. That’s absurd. Police, firefighters, teachers, social workers, road maintenance crews, border patrol officers, and the military all do jobs that are necessary for our health, welfare, and freedom, and we need them.

They also contribute to our economy by shopping at private business and paying taxes — just like other workers. When they’re laid off, revenues dry up for both businesses and government.

Still, certain people claim that these jobs are not “real,” because they are paid for with our tax money. They claim that only jobs funded by private enterprise are “real”. Where do they think private enterprise gets its money? It comes from the same people as government money does – from us, the American people, who are both consumers and taxpayers.

Would you care to explain to a soldier returning from Afghanistan — who lost his legs or suffered a traumatic brain injury — why his job there wasn’t a “real” job?

Ann Harroun
Loveland, CO 80538

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