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Monday, April 15, 2024

Infrastructure? Don’t you mean Union?


We hear the repeated and resounding call by the President to invest more money on “infrastructure” (roads, bridges, school construction, etc.) Didn’t we try this two years ago? Remember “shovel ready projects” that turned out to not quite be “…as shovel ready as we thought”?

Let’s look at what this is REALLY all about. Unless I am sadly mistaken, the Davis-Bacon labor laws prevent non-union construction companies from even submitting bids for such federal contracts. Is this “infrastructure” mantra the payback to the unions for the 2008 election?

Roads… bridges… schools. With the exception of the Interstate Highway System these have traditionally been state and local responsibilities. Right to work states can contract with whatever construction companies will give them the best outcome for the best price. LEAVE IT THERE!

Joe Dion
Masonville, Colorado


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