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Monday, May 23, 2022

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Why Gaddafi is an Imminent Threat to America

By: Anonymous Feb17 Contributor Editors' note: Feb 17 is the online publication of the Libyan Youth Movement: Link to article and comments Nearly 25 years ago, then President Ronald Reagan sent 45 planes to drop 300 bombs and shoot 48 missiles at seven locations throughout Libya in order to take out Colonel Muammar Gaddafi, who he labeled the “mad dog of the Middle East.” Reagan’s actions were not ordered as a result of a bogus report on weapons of mass destruction.  They were not ... Full Story

Our Economy

Our Economy

To the Editor, This is a fine mess we’ve gotten ourselves into. Both our unemployment rate and our national debt are ‘way too high, and improving either one will make the other worse. Spending money to increase jobs will increase our debt. Laying off government workers to lower spending will increase unemployment. More unemployment = less consumer spending = fewer new jobs. If we do nothing, we stagnate. The Obama Administration is struggling mightily with this inherited mess, but ... Full Story