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Friday, May 24, 2024

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The United States of Fascism

    The Fascist State of America By Glen Barry #IStandWithEdwardSnowden because free nations don't spy on and murder their citizens. Democracies don't terrorize sovereign nations and their peoples with torture, false imprisonment, and drone-based perma-war. It is time to stand up against the oil oligarchy's police state that is stifling social change required to achieve universal human rights, justice, equity, and global ecological sustainability. "They who can give up essential ... Full Story

Where has liberty gone

Where has liberty gone

  The Bill Of Rights Has A Very Bad Week   By Charles P. Pierce Of course, while everyone in Washington, and the courtier press that serves them, were endlessly droning on and on about the Gentle Fiscal Incline, the Bill Of Rights closed out 2012 by having one of the worst weeks it's had in the two centuries of its existence. But the courtier press paid that little mind, possibly because selling out the Bill Of Rights was done on a "bipartisan" basis, and the denizens of the various ... Full Story