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Saturday, May 18, 2024

Teacher Appreciation night at BOE meeting

It is teacher appreciation week in the Thompson School District and it was Teacher Appreciation night at the Thompson Board of Education meeting on Wednesday night. This recognition for teachers comes from students and plays to a packed house at the district headquarters. Each student had a rose to give to their teacher as Deputy Superintendent, Dr. Judy Skupa read quotes from the student’s letters.





School: Berthoud High School

Student’s Name: Lauren Sawinska

Grade: 12

Teacher’s Name: Ann Gonzales

Quote: I have Mrs. Gonzales for AP Human Geography and World History. I honestly believe she is one of the most caring, hard working, and knowledgeable teachers I have ever had. Her lighthearted personality and creative teaching methods make learning a joy, and she is always willing to help students in any way she can. Mrs. Gonzales treats every student with the utmost respect and always does everything in her power to engage every student. My time at Berthoud High School has been undeniably enhanced because of Mrs. Gonzales









School: Cottonwood Plains Elementary School

Student’s Name: Ian Ross

Grade: K

Teacher’s Name: Becka Ashcraft

Quote: I go with her and she helps me with calming down my anger. She laughs, like when April Fools comes on her.












School: Laurene Edmondson Elementary School

Student’s Name: Travis Sanders

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Cindy Santomaso

Quote: This teacher means a lot to me because she is nice and makes learning fun, and that is what Mrs. Santomaso does.












School: Winona Elementary School

Student’s Name: Sydney Hocker

Grade: 1

Teacher’s Name: Dana McKinney

Quote: This teacher means a lot to me because she was patient while I was learning to read. Now I’m at level “L.” She makes science fun for everyone. We get to study insects up close with the Promethean board.












School: Walt Clark Middle School

Student’s Name: Kaitlynn Kabel

Grade: 7

Teacher’s Name: Darin Olson

Quote: Mr. Olson means a lot to me because when my mom had cancer and brain tumors, he was the only one I could turn to. He listens to every word I say. When you hug him, it’s like hugging a teddy bear.










School: Bill Reed Middle School

Student’s Name: Laynie Parker

Grade: 8

Teacher’s Name: Dave Ausenhus

Quote: Mr. Ausenhus is special to me because I struggle in math and need some extra help. He believed in me and said, “You can do this.” He is ready and willing to help. Mr. Hus makes the learning experience fun. He encourages and motivates students to help them do their best. Mr. Hus has helped me and other students with math concepts and with building our self-confidence. This is why Mr. Ausenhus means so much to me.









School: Coyote Ridge Elementary School

Student’s Name: Olivia Sinnett

Grade: 3

Teacher’s Name: Dave Dellwardt

Quote: Mr. D means a lot to me because he cares about how you feel instead of ignoring the fact that you do have feelings. He will help you but not give you the answer at the same time. Mr. D cares a lot about kids. He almost always has something for you to do besides just reading, like dry-erase Sudoku sheets and other things that challenge your mind. He also plays with you at recess like 4-square, pushes you on the swings and watches things that you want to show him. He also knows how smart you are so he knows EXACTLY how to challenge you. We also do something called FAC. FAC is what you get to do when your work is done on Fridays. I think Mr. D is the best for many reasons.






School: Berthoud Elementary School

Student’s Name: Fallon Stockley

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Diane (Sally) McInturff

Quote: Ms. Mac (Ms. McInturff) has been my teacher for two years and is one of my favorite teachers. I love the way she teaches because she keeps students engaged. Another thing she does is she doesn’t pick favorites, she chooses everyone in the class, even the quiet ones. I wish she could go up to 6th grade with me. I think Ms. Mac is one of my very favorite teachers, and I will remember and miss her when I leave.









School: Monroe Elementary School

Student’s Name: Sarahdaisy Moore

Grade: 2

Teacher’s Name: Greig McAlpin

Quote: Mr. McAlpin made me feel very welcome here at Monroe. I like how we get to do exercises and music before we start our day off. You are the nicest teacher.











School: Van Buren Elementary School

Student’s Name: Jade Brooks

Grade: K

Teacher’s Name: Janna Dunkle

Quote: She’s nice. She lets us do centers and we have free time to play.


Melissa Adams presented for Jade Brooks who was unable to attend











School: Thompson Valley High School

Student’s Name: Lily Belanger

Grade: 9

Teacher’s Name: Jill Tjardes

Quote: All year I have had a hard time fitting in without TJ. I don’t think I could have found friends. She helped me find theater and friends there. She helped me keep my chin up and made my year so much better than it was.












School: Namaqua Elementary School

Student’s Name: Austin Sobraske

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Jordan Norton

Quote: This teacher means a lot to me because he cares for everybody and he sets a good example for everybody at Namaqua. This teacher is the best teacher I have ever had.









School: Stansberry Elementary School

Student’s Name: Jeremy Gray

Grade: 3

Teacher’s Name: Karri Hamm

Quote: I like Mrs. Hamm because she taught me a lot of rhymes to help me multiply. Also, I liker her sense of humor. She is also kind. That is why I like Mrs. Hamm.











School: Stansberry Elementary School

Student’s Name: Mallory Gray

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Karri Ham

Quote: This teacher means a lot to me because she made learning extremely delightful when I was a 3rd grader. Also, she’s the one who taught me so many things like multiplication and division. She was one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had and will always be one of the best teachers in the world. Thanks for being my teacher and inspiring me.











School: Garfield Elementary School

Student’s Name: Jaqueline Garibay

Grade: 4

Teacher’s Name: Kathy Dench

Quote: Mrs. Dench means a lot to me because she cares for us as if we were her own children. When I was in the hospital, she kept on asking my sister and brother how I was. That is why Mrs. Dench means a lot to me.











School: Mountain View High School

Student’s Name: Lindsey Bales

Grade: 11

Teacher’s Name: Laura Ulmer

Quote: She is caring and loving. She does a great job at teaching. She is always there for everyone to help whether it is with school or personal problems. She will do anything she can to help!












School: Conrad Ball Middle School

Student’s Name: Maranda Jara

Grade: 8

Teacher’s Name: Lesli Cochran

Quote: Mrs. Cochran has been here to help me out with anything since day one. She is a great motivator when it comes down to kids. She teaches us in ways we understand and can excel in our class. She is very nice but also knows when to take action during bad behavior. I would love for her to be my teacher up through high school. She has made me realize just how smart I am when I try.










School: Lincoln Elementary School

Student’s Name: Pierce Forgette

Grade: 3

Teacher’s Name: Marie Williams

Quote: Mrs. Williams is a fantastic teacher. Mrs. Williams has made me enjoy school. I used to really dislike school a lot, but Mrs. Williams has changed that. She’s the reason I come to school. I’m so close to her I sometimes call her Mom. Plus, she lets us joke to a certain point and if it goes too far, she makes us stop. Mrs. Williams is a fantastic teacher.

Principal Joan Brockway for Marie Williams, who was ill









School: Centennial Elementary School

Student’s Name: Lacy Sauer

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Meg Schweitzer

Quote: Mrs. Schweitzer means a lot to me because she plans our learning in a fun way. She also cares about everyone in the class and tries her hardest to make everyone’s learning the best she can. I have never been so excited to go to school! Thank you, Mrs. Schweitzer!











School: Turner Middle School

Student’s Name: Karsten Bump

Grade: 6

Teacher’s Name: Paul Farus

Quote: This teacher means a lot to me because he taught me how to play an instrument I definitely knew I’d never learn. Even though I behave a little bit badly, he still tries his hardest to teach me everything, hoping I’ll listen to the important parts.












School: Bill Reed Middle School

Student’s Name: Madi White

Grade: 8

Teacher’s Name: Rick Bowles (Namaqua Elementary)

Quote: Mr. Bowles helped me so much in the two years he taught me (at Ivy Stockwell). During 5th grade I was having a hard time with some of my friends and I didn’t want to go to school. However, Mr. Bowles always made class fun and helped me enjoy school again. He taught me character traits as well as schoolwork and I thank him for that.









School: Ivy Stockwell Elementary School

Student’s Name: Samantha Mulder

Grade: 5

Teacher’s Name: Robyn Davies

Quote: Miss Davies, my 1st and 2nd grade teacher, means a lot to me for many reasons. First of all, she pushed me to my limits and when I needed help, she helped me. If I finished with something early, she would always give me another assignment. She would also always listen to me and when I got into other grades, kept up with my news. Even though I only had Miss Davies for two years, she helped me grow in all my subjects.









School: Carrie Martin Elementary School

Student’s Name: Nina Miller

Grade: 3

Teacher’s Name: Sarah McCambridge

Quote: Mrs. McCambridge means a lot to me because she shares her knowledge of mathematics, strategies of reading and writing, social studies, and science. She makes learning fun. She is very giggly and very smart. I, Nina Miller, feel that Mrs. McCambridge is important to me because of those reasons.










School: B. F. Kitchen Elementary School

Student’s Name: Spencer Jordan-Hemming

Grade: 4

Teacher’s Name: Shauna Mayberry, Christina Steele, Jodi Malterud

Quote: A special quote from a parent: On the way home from school in May 2010, on his last day in 3rd grade, my son said he felt school-sick already, sad that he would be away from school for two whole months. He had had difficulty adjusting to school in the USA after moving from England in 2008. His 2nd grade teacher had been Shauna Mayberry, who was so good with him, and then in 3rd grade he had Christina Steele. By the end of 3rd grade, he was such an eager and comfortable student, and I’d want to nominate both teachers for a Nobel Prize in education (if it existed), and I continue to be a fan of BFK as Spencer nears the end of 4th grade under Mrs. Malterud. BFK is a great school. Signed: Spencer’s Dad

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